Companies In Quark City Mohali

Let’s Have A Look At The List of Companies In Quark City Mohali

Chandigarh never settles down when it comes to research development and growth. And looking at this, Mohali, the city tied beside Chandigarh is also not backing out nowadays when it comes to the development of new brand buildings, sectors and reforms in Mohali too. Like Chandigarh, the city beautiful owns the Rajiv Gandhi it parks (international technology park) that has all the IT companies engulfed in it. With this, Mohali has also made its very own place, which is residence to all the IT companies that are the Mohali quark city.

List of Best Companies In Quark City Mohali:

1) Net Quall Technologies, Quark City, Mohali:

Net Quall Technologies

Regarded as one of the fastest growing software company in the quark city, has a team, which works day and night in twenty-four seven hours efficiently to upgrade its quality of work through every possible way. The company works in broadening the online brand space of various other companies. Net Quall Technologies was established in the mid of the year 2014. The address of the company is Quark city Mohali, the Industrial area in sector 74. Contact the company staff at 0172 462 8469. Or log on to It is the leading companies in quark city Mohali.

Net Quall Technologies, Quark City, Mohali Address:

Address: Quark City, Mohali, Industrial Area, Sector 74, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140308, India
Phone: +91 172 462 8469

2) VSI Electronics Private Limited, Quark City, Mohali:

VSI Electronics Private Limited

The VSI Electronics was commenced in the year 1996, which is an ISO authorized company. The company deals in manufacturing, exporting, supplying Auto Karl Fischer, Digital orp meters, digital potentiometer, microprocessor, microprocessor conductivity meters and so much more. The architecture and design of the company is the supporting bone of the organization. Contact the company at 0172- 462 7238 and check the offline website for more details. It is the second most important it companies in the quark city Mohali.

Address: F-330, Industrial Area, Phase VIII-B, Sector 74,, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar,, Near Quark City, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160059, India
Phone: +91 172 462 7238

3) NetSake Solutions, Quark City, Mohali:

NetSake Solutions, Quark City, Mohali

Established in the year 2014, after great research and development for the great solutions of information technology. The organization is proactive in dealing with their customers’ requirements twenty-four seven hours. Net sake solutions have flourished its skills in every area ranging from Developing backend system, to rich internet applications, to complex web applications and so much more. Email at It is one of the best organizations in quark cities in Mohali.

NetSake Solutions, Quark City, Mohali Address:

Address: F-452, Near Quark City, Ind Area Ph8, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, India
Phone: +91 98887 00927

4) Emerson Information Technology Solutions, Quark City, Mohali:

Emerson Information Technology Solutions

Emerson is a major chief producer in fields like global research, growth and development enrichment. The organization is considered the biggest leader as the largest leading edge in the field of information technology every now and then. The Emerson has the most significant and vast reach among the customers. Contact the organization’s authority at 0172- 426 7800.

Emerson, Quark City, Mohali

Address: 3rd Floor, F-3 Tower, Landmark Plaza, Plot No. A-40A, Phase-VIII B,, Industrial, Area, Quark City India Pvt. Ltd, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160059, India
Phone: +91 172 426 7800

5) Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate, Quark City, Mohali:

Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate

The real estate group has a history of about 150 years old, which is a multi-business conglomerate. The organization abides to raise their structure with the best innovative designs and architecture to upgrade the brand value of the company. Contact the organization at 0172 425 6006.

Shapoorji Pallonji Real estate, Quark City, Mohali Address:

Address: A-40 A, Quark City, Industrial Focal Point, Phase 8, Industrial Area, Sector 75, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160062, India
Phone: +91 124 425 6006

6) Sourcefuse Technologies, Quark City, Mohali:

Sourcefuse Technologies, Quark City

the Source Fuse gives an enlarging experience to the companies who want to promote their technology and production. Either any organization has just started up or is looking for exposure; the source fuse is the best choice for seeking solutions. The address of the company is city business center, C-175 in phase 8-B at sector 74, near quark city. Contact the company at 081469 07164.

Sourcefuse Technologies, Quark City, Mohali Address

Address: Quark Atrium, A‐45, Phase VIII Extension, Industrial Focal Point, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160071, India
Phone: +91 172 503 2044

7) Primary Estates & Developers Pvt. Ltd

Primary Estates & Developers Pvt. Ltd

The key feature of the primary estates is to engage the customers with the proper group of housing and residential complexes combined with brilliant designs of architecture and modernized buildings around Chandigarh. The organization has the highly standardized facilities for its customers always. The address of the company is Quark atrium, A-45 in phase 8 extension in industrial focal point. For more details contact 0172 503 2044. The quark city mohali companies list is incomplete without this organization.

8) Quark Software Inc. Mohali:

Quark Software Inc. Mohali

Established by Denver colo in the year 1981, with the major goal for the reinvention of creators of content and professionals who are highly creative. The company has been serving the nation for more than thirty years with high efficiency and effectiveness. The address of the company is an A-45 industrial area in phase 8B sector 74. Contact the authorities at 0172 304 9000.

Quark Software Inc. Mohali Address:

Address: A-45, Industrial Area, Phase-VIII-B, Sector 74, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160059, India

Phone: +91 172 304 9000

9) Shine Dezign Infotech, Quark City, Mohali:

Shine Dezign Infotech

A web designing and web Development Company, which is giving solutions to the clients and customers for various purposes with their effluent experience and knowledge. One can definitely seek help from the organization, if a piece of work has to be on time, completely correct and faster than ever. The address of the company is plot number F-353 in phase 8B in the industrial area of quark city. Contact the organization at 0172 462 2898.

Shine Dezign Infotech, Quark City, Mohali

Address: Plot NO F-353, Phase – 8B, IND Area, Near Quark City, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140603, India
Phone: +91 172 462 2898

10) EVRY India Pvt. Ltd. Quark City, Mohali:

EVRY India Pvt. Ltd. Quark City

Evry is a highly recognized company all over India and out of India as well, that serves more than ten thousand customers in number around the private and public sectors. The company has great insight into the commercial and technological side, which gives a boost to its value. The address of the company is a seventh and eighth floor at landmark plaza in the F3 towers, special economic zone A-40A quark city in sector 62. Feel free to connect with the company at 0172 667 5000.

EVRY India Pvt. Ltd. Quark City, Mohali:

Address: 7th & 8th Floor, Landmark Plaza, F3 Towers, Special Economic Zone A – 40A, QuarkCity India Pvt. Ltd, Punjab, Sector 62, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160062, India
Phone: +91 172 667 5000

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