A List Of Top Notch Schools In Zirakpur

Schools In Zirakpur

Living in Zirakpur and still worried about your child’s education? Still, confused about a school? Or haven’t you deceived yet? Relax! Your child’s education is important and covers you on that topic, here are the well-known schools in Zirakpur that you must know about. Check these out, and decide which one is the best pick for your ward.

Education plays a vital role in building a successful career, and it starts with the beginning of school. Right from the first day, each and every learning matters. Therefore, if you are living in Zirakpur or even in the nearby areas, here is a list of schools that you need to know about and consider for the healthy growth of your ward’s education.

Best schools in Zirakpur!

1. Delhi Public School:

Delhi Public School, which is popularly known as DPS, is one of the best schools in India. Located on Ambala Zirakpur road, DPS is a school where your child will gain the overall knowledge of the basic subjects, and along with that, they would also be involved in extracurricular activities. By learning about the details of the subjects, the schools help the students in getting a clear image of their career and prepare them for the best. Here, you will find trained teachers who excel in their subjects and focus completely on the child’s education.

2. Dikshant Global School:

Unlike the earlier times, now parents focus on child’s education and not only on just settling them on shops or farms. In this era, where education holds a significant value, Dikshant Global School in Zirakpur makes sure that the students at their school have an overall knowledge of what is important. Being an international school, Dikshant Global offers activities like swimming and skating to the kids. The best part about the school is that they focus on studies as well as the fitness of the kids. Therefore classes like meditation and yoga are also included in the daily schedule of the classes.

3. Kendriya Vidyalaya:

If you are someone who wants their kids to go to a government-owned school, Kendriya Vidyalaya is one of the top choices. With the best quality infrastructure and qualified teachers, the school offers the best education to the students. Being a government-operated school, it focuses on the educational part more, and the NCERT books are being followed. The syllabus pre-defined by the government is considered, and there are no such external activities that are involved in the curriculum of the students. Also, if you are not high on budget and want your kid to have a quality education, this is the best school in Zirakpur that can be considered.

4. Dikshant International School:

Being the parent branch of Dikshant Global, Dikshant International is a top-known school in Zirakpur and the surrounding areas. Here, students come from the areas like Panchkula and Chandigarh. Focusing on the overall growth of the child, the school touches on the areas of education, extracurricular activities, and fitness. Here children learn how to be active and keep well with their studies. Also, the teachers here focus on the weak areas of the students and invest their best efforts to make them cover up and perform well.

5. St. Xavier International School:

Being a Christian school, St. Xavier is one of the top brand names in the education industry. St. Xavier International School in Zirakpur is the finest school to choose when it is about providing quality education to your children. The school is ICSE board and serves high-quality education to your ward. Here, the student will learn ahead of the CBSE board and have an advanced-level of syllabus. Along with that, here, your ward will be exposed to the latest technology, and the smart classrooms will help them understand the concepts in an enhanced and easier way. With a dedicated staff, St. Xavier International School is a top-notch choice for a bright future for your child.

6. The Gurukul:

Quality of study matters, and when it is about The Gurukul, you can completely trust it. The school runs with the mission of providing adequate education to the students so that they are able to build successful careers for themselves. With the trained staff and well-qualified teachers, the school makes sure that the students are performing well in academics as well as are also involved in physical activities. The Gurukul has 3 to 4 branches in the nearby areas of Zirakpur. Once your ward is studying in this school, you will not be worried about the educational growth of your child.

7. Manav Mangal Smart World:

Take your kids to the higher standards, let them get involved in robotics or provide them with smart classrooms. Today education is evolving, and Manav Mangal Smart World is one of the best schools to get adapted to smart learning. Here the students can avail a large number of opportunities for learning new things and achieving great heights. Manav Mangal Smart World School in Zirakpur can be the exact match for the school which you were looking for for your child.

On A Final Note,

While there are numerous schools in Zirakpur, being a parent, it’s confusing which one would be the best for your child. Parent always wants the best for their child, and when it is to education, no one can take the risk. Therefore, selecting the right school for your kid matters the most. Living in Zirakpur and searching for a school can be pretty difficult, therefore, now you have the list of the top schools in Zirakpur.

Do your own research for the requirements of your child, and based on that, find the perfect pick for your child. Select what all you want and which location would be the most convenient for the child to travel to daily. Reading about all these schools, you have a fair idea of all the top schools in the city and pick up the one which you find to be the perfect one for your child’s education.

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