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Tattoo Artist In Chandigarh

Nowadays one can see several people amongst the crowd who are inked up with tattoos. Yes, indeed tattoos are now the new fashion of youth and not just the young lads but every other person is now keen on getting their self-inked with tattoos. So, as everybody is now interested in putting up one there are now various tattoo shops in Chandigarh and these studios are owned by some very experienced artists in Chandigarh. The opening of different tattoo studios has given exposure to the interest and field of tattoo artists in Chandigarh.

The tattoo studios here in Chandigarh involve inking up with tattoos and tattoo removal in Chandigarh too. There is a countable number of best tattoo artists in Chandigarh.  The ancient measures of beautifying one’s body are through tattoos and now it is considered a total chilled out swag of youngsters around.

Top 5 Tattoo Artists in Chandigarh:

1) 23 Guns Tattoo- Madhymarg, Sector 7-C, Chandigarh

23Guns Tattoo Studio was recently started in the year 2013, with the old name Gambling Rose Tattoos. And only now, it has changed its name to the new name that is 23 Guns Tattoo. Located in sector 7-C of Chandigarh, the tattoo studio ensures the safety and security of their clients as the very first and foremost priority besides anything.

The tattoo studio has a number of types of tattoo styles to serve like black and grey, lettering, Asian, realistic, tribal, religious, bio-mechanical, and whatnot.

The widely loved tattoo studio not only serves tattoos but also piercing services, but it is highly specialized in the field of inking up tattoos and removal of tattoos.

23 Guns Tattoo Address:

Address: SCO 21, Madhya Marg, Sector 7-C, Chandigarh, 160019

2) AK Tattoos –Sector 35c, Chandigarh

Finding up a tattoo studio that understands your body art more than yourself, than you are at the right place. As AK Tattoos merges creativity with dynamic enhancing power in their work. By supplying proper safe surroundings to the clients, AK Tattoos love enabling the secure button to their customers every now and then.

Using the neatly sterilized appliances, first-class healthy ink for the skin which offers gradually the best hygiene to the customers. The specialty of the AK Tattoo artists is black and white ink, colored ink, permanent tattoos, 3D tattoos. It is in sector 35-C in Chandigarh.

AK Tattoos Address:

Address: cabin no. 207, 2nd floor, SCO 445-446, Sector 35c, Chandigarh, 160035

3) Tattoo Hunter- Sector 34A Chandigarh

The tattoo studio is located in sector 34-A. They focus on satisfying their clients with their needs and aspirations regarding their tattoos. The customers can hit up this tattoo studio by showing them the tattoo, one is interested in putting up and watch how, and the artists turn the picture into reality.

Acknowledge the best tattoo experience with them and the services offered are tattoo designing, removal, refilling, and a lot more.

Tattoo Hunter Address:

Address: Sco 16-17 Top Floor Sector 34A, Near Domino’s Pizza Hub, Chandigarh 160022

4) Snake Eye Tattoo Studio- Sector 15 D, Chandigarh

People from various parts of Chandigarh as well as the outside Chandigarh, visit the newly established tattoo studio in the year 2017 that is in sector 15. The studio serves the clients with the most amazing work which is extremely on a new globalized level. Do visit the studio for the most unique tattoo art for yourself.

Snake Eye Tattoo Studio Address

Address: Shop No. 156, Sector 15 D, Chandigarh, 160015

5) Youngistaan Tattooz –

Situated in sector 36, the tattoo studio is capable of alluring customers with comfort and hygiene. It specializes in fields like 3D, 2D tattoos, temporary tattoos, spray tattoos, illusion tattoos, shaded tattoos, and biomechanical tattoos. The studio came into existence in the year 2012 and since then it has been recreating history.

Youngistaan Tattooz Address:

Address: Booth no 175, Sector 36-D, Chandigarh, 160036

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