Chandigarh University: Courses, Admission, Fee Structure for 2020

Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University, with the campus area of 200+ acres is a Private University under Punjab State Legislature was established in the year 2012. The University has gained the approval from the University Grants Commission (UGC) and All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).

The University has a membership with the top and reputed International Organizations like International Association of Universities, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and American Chemical Society etc. 

The Chandigarh University offers many courses for UG, Integrated, PG, PG Diploma, Certificate and PhD programs. The University along with the large campus area has a big library space with more than 1, 00,000 books, 8,50,000 E-books and 28,000 e-journals.

Top Reasons for Choosing Chandigarh University

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Chandigarh University is one of the best choices that lay a strong foundation to your career growth. Here are some of the top reasons of why to choose the platform for commencing the UG or PG or other courses.

  • As compared to the other top international universities it offers the industry oriented curriculum.
  • It provides experimental learning. 
  • It makes use of advanced technologies and subject integration for Premium Placements programme. 
  • The best feature of the University is that it has a scientific and transparent evaluation system.
  • Moreover the university has 300+ international visitors as a Faculty, Nobel Laureate & Subject Matter Experts and dedicated international admission department.
  • Chandigarh University Fee is less as comparable to other top Universities around the globe.

Chandigarh University Courses & Fees

The University attracts many national and international students by offering them the wider range of coursed under various types. 

Here is the complete detail of the courses and fee corresponding to each course offered by the Chandigarh University. 

BA  LLB Integrated5 years₹4.67 Lakhs
LLB 3 years₹ 2.81 Lakhs
B.Com LLB Integrated5 years₹ 4.67 Lakhs
BA LLB Integrated5 years₹ 4.67 Lakhs
B.Arch5 years₹ 8 Lakhs
B.Pharma3 years₹ 6.54 Lakhs
B.Arch5 years₹ 8.17 Lakhs
B.Com Hons3 years₹2.69 Lakhs
B.Des Industrial Design4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
B.Optom4 years₹3.58 Lakhs
B.P.Ed2 years₹1.08 Lakhs
B.Pharma Lateral Entry 3 years₹4.91 Lakhs
B.Sc Agriculture Hons4 years₹ 4.94 Lakhs
B.Sc Agriculture Hons and MBA Agriculture Business Integrated5 years₹ 6.40 Lakhs
B.Sc Airline and Airport Management3 years₹2.21 Lakhs
B.Sc and B.Ed Integrated3 years₹2.24 Lakhs
B.Sc Biotechnology3 years₹ 2.51 Lakhs
B.Sc Chemistry Hons3 years₹1.91 Lakhs
B.Sc Computer Science3 years₹2.21 Lakhs
B.Sc Culinary Arts3 years₹5.81 Lakhs
B.Sc Economics3 years₹1.91 Lakhs
B.Sc Fashion and Design3 years₹3.71 Lakhs
B.Sc Film Studies3 years ₹3.71 Lakhs
B.Sc Hospitality and Hotel Administration3 years₹2.79 Lakhs
B.Sc Hotel and Hospitality Management3 years₹3.11 Lakhs
B.Sc Interior Design 3 years₹3.11 Lakhs
B.Sc Medical 3 years ₹ 1.91 Lakhs
B.Sc Medical Lab Technology3 years₹3.11 Lakhs
B.Sc Medical Lab Technology Lateral Entry  2 years₹2.08 Lakhs
B.Sc Non Medical3 years₹1.91 Lakhs
B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics3 years₹3.11 Lakhs
B.Sc Physical Hons3 years₹1.91 Lakhs
B.Sc Resort and Event Management3 years₹ 3.11 Lakhs
B.Sc Restaurant and Catering Management3 years ₹3.11 Lakhs
B.Sc Travel and Tourism Management3 years₹2.21 Lakhs
B.Sc Animation, VFX and Gaming3 years₹3.71 Lakhs
BA3 years₹1.91 Lakhs
BA and B.Ed Integrated 4 years ₹1.98 Lakhs
BA Film and Television Studies 3 years₹3.71 Lakhs
BBA3 years₹2.69 Lakhs
BBA Advertising and Marketing3 years₹2.69 Lakhs
BBA Banking and Finance3 years₹2.69 Lakhs
BBA Family Business Management3 years₹2.69 Lakhs
BBA Forex Management3 years ₹2.69 Lakhs
BBA Insurance and Risk Management3 years₹2.69 Lakhs
BBA Tourism and Event Management3 years₹2.69 Lakhs
BCA3 years₹2.51 Lakhs
BE Aerospace Engineering4 years₹6.94 Lakhs
BE Aerospace Engineering Lateral Entry3 years₹4.96 Lakhs
BE Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Automobile Engineering4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Automobile Engineering Lateral Entry3 years ₹4.96 Lakhs
BE Big Data and Analytics4 years₹7.60 Lakhs
BE Biotechnology Engineering 4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Chemical Engineering 4 years₹ 6.54 Lakhs
BE Chemical Engineering Lateral Entry3 years₹4.96 Lakhs
BE Civil Engineering 4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Civil Engineering Lateral Entry3 years₹4.96 Lakhs
BE Cloud Computing 4 years ₹7.60 Lakhs
BE Computer Science and Engineering 4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Computer Science and Engineering Big Data and Analytics IBM CU Collaboration4 years₹7.79 Lakhs
BE Computer Science and Engineering Cloud Computing IBM CU Collaboration 4 years ₹7.79 Lakhs
BE Computer Science and Engineering Information Security IBM CU Collaboration 4 years7.79 Lakhs
BE Computer Science Engineering Internet of Things 4 years ₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Computer Science Engineering Lateral Entry 3 years₹4.96 Lakhs
BE Computer Science Engineering Mobile Computing4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Computer Science Engineering Open Source and Open Standard4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lateral Entry3 years₹4.96 Lakhs
BE Electrical Engineering 4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Electrical Engineering Lateral Entry3 years₹4.96 Lakhs
BE Electronics and Communication Engineering 4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Electronics and Communication Engineering and Lateral Entry 3 years₹4.96 Lakhs
BE Food Technology4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Graphics and Gaming Engineering 4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Information Security 4 years₹7.60 Lakhs
BE Information Technology4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Mechanical Engineering 4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Mechanical Engineering Lateral Entry3 years₹4.96 Lakhs
BE Mechatronics Engineering 4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Mechnatronics Engineering Lateral Entry3 years₹ 4.96 Lakhs
BE Petroleum Engineering 4 years₹6.54 Lakhs
BE Petroleum Engineering Lateral Entry 3 years₹4.96 Lakhs
BFA4 years₹3.18 Lakhs
BJMC3 years₹2.81 Lakhs
BPT 4.5 years₹4.14 Lakhs
LLM1 year₹85000
M.Com Hons2 years₹1.28 Lakhs
M.Pharma2 years ₹2.08 Lakhs
M.Sc Agronomy2 years₹1.88 Lakhs
M.Sc Animation and Multimedia Technology2 years₹1.60 Lakhs
M.Sc Biotechnology 2 years₹1.80 Lakhs
M.Sc Chemistry2 years₹1.28 Lakhs
M.Sc Economics2 years₹1.48 Lakhs
M.Sc Forensic and Toxicology2 years ₹2.08 Lakhs
M.Sc Forensic Science and Toxicology Lateral Entry1 year₹1.05 Lakhs
M.Sc Industrial Microbiology2 years₹1.88 Lakhs
M.Sc Mathematics 2 years₹1.28 Lakhs
M.Sc Physics2 years ₹1.28 Lakhs
MA Clinical Psycology2 years₹1.68 Lakhs
MA English2 years₹1.12 Lakhs
MA Performing Arts2 years₹1.32 Lakhs
MA Psycology2 years₹1.12 Lakhs
Master of Liberal Arts and Humanities2 years₹11 Lakhs
MBA Banking and Financial Engineering2 years₹3.78 Lakhs
MBA Business Analytics2 years₹3.80 Lakhs
MBA Business Analytics IBM CU Collaboration2 years₹3.92 Lakhs
MBA Strategic Human Resource2 years₹4.50 Lakhs
MBA Tourism and Hospitality Management2 years₹3.28 Lakhs
MCA3 years₹3.27 Lakhs
MCA Lateral Entry2 years₹2.20 Lakhs
ME Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning2 years₹1.88 Lakhs
ME Automobile Engineering 2 years₹1.88 Lakhs
ME Big Data and Analytics 2 years₹2.78 Lakhs
ME Cloud Computing 2 years₹2.78 Lakhs
ME Computer Science and Engineering 2 years₹1.88 Lakhs
ME Computer Science and Engineering Big Data and Analytics IBM CU Collaboration2 years ₹2.90 Lakhs
ME Computer Science and Engineering Cloud Computing IBM CU Collaboraion2 years₹2.90 Lakhs
ME Computer Science and Engineering Information Security IBM CU Collaboration2 years₹ 2.90 Lakhs
ME Computer Science Engineering Hons2 years
ME Construction Technology and Management 2 years₹1.88 Lakhs
ME Electrical Engineering 2 years₹ 1.88 Lakhs
ME Electrical Engineering Hons2 years
ME Electronics and Communication Engineering 2 years₹1.88 Lakhs
ME Electronics and Communication Engineering Hons2 years
ME Environmental Engineering 2 years₹ 1.88 Lakhs
ME Information Security2 years₹2.78 Lakhs
ME Information Technology2 years₹1.88 Lakhs
ME Mechanical Engineering 2 years₹1.88 Lakhs
ME Mechanical Engineering Hons2 years
ME Structural Engineering 2 years₹1.88 Lakhs
ME Transportation Engineering 2 years₹1.88 Lakhs
MJMC 2 years₹1.60 Lakhs
Pharm.D6 years₹12.20 Lakhs
Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education1 year₹48.55 K

Chandigarh University Hostel Fees 


  • For Boys


Type of AccommodationCharges 2019-20 (INR)Charges 2019-20 (INR)
NON-AC (Per Annum)AC (Per Annum)
5 Seater (for Boys Only)77000NANANA
4 Seater860001500NANA
3 Seater9400016501050001900
2 Seater (for Boys Only)12000019501400002250
Single Seater (for Boys Only)13000021501500002550


Note: There are the recurring charges for food (37,200/- per annum) while the remaining are the fixed charges


For Girls

Type of AccommodationCharges 2019-20 (INR)Charges 2019-20 (INR)
NON-AC (Per Annum)AC (Per Annum)
5 Seater (for Boys Only)77000NANANA
4 Seater860001500NANA
3 Seater9400016501050001900
2 Seater (for Boys Only)12000019501400002250
Single Seater (for Boys Only)13000021501500002550


Note: There are the recurring charges for food (37,200/- per annum) while the remaining are the fixed charges.

Chandigarh University Admission

Chandigarh University offers two ways for students to seek admission.

Online Method

Step 1- CUCET Registration

Visit the cucet website and register.

Follow the steps and get yourself registered for Chandigarh University Admission.

  1. CUCET Phase Choice

Chandigarh University Common Entrance test, CUCET occurs in 3 phases; CUCET I, CUCET II, CUCET III. 

Each phase runs one after another and the one who applies early will gain additional benefits.

At the time of application, the candidate selects the active phase that is essential for seeking admission into Engineering and Management courses.

  1. Enter your name to register

Log in to the official website of the CUCET and register yourself by filling your name, email, contact number, and city.

  1. Choose the Discipline

Choose the course in which you want to seek admission

  1. Profile Creation

After completing the registration process, login to the account by entering the UserID and password sent on the registered email address and complete the profile by filling all the details.

  1. Completion of Registration

The candidate will receive the confirmation email and an SMS on the contact number.

Step 2- Download the e-Prospectus                                               

  1. e-Prospectus

Once the registration step is completed the candidate need to download the e-prospectus that contain application form for both admission and entrance test. 

  1. Fill the form

Download the e-prospectus and fill the application form for admission. This will make the candidate eligible for the common entrance exam.

Step-3 Pay Online Fee

  1. Pay Registration Fee for booking the seat

Pay the registration fee online via different options like net banking, debit or credit cards or through payment gateways to book your seat.

  1. Log on to the website

Pay the registration fee by logging into the account created on the website.

  1. Fill the Application Form

Log in to your account and fill the application form by entering your personal and academic information.

Offline Method

The offline method of Chandigarh University admission is described in the steps below:

  1. 1. Download Admission Form

Visit the website and download the admission form.

Fill the details and send it along with the demand draft of Rs. 1000/- drawn in the favor of the “Chandigarh University” payable at Chandigarh at the Chandigarh University Address.

The address at which the candidate must send the application form is given below:

Admission Office,

Chandigarh University,

SCO 223,

First Floor,

Sector 36 D,



  1. 2. Submission of Admission Form

Submit the form at the Admission Office of the University

Chandigarh University Ranking and Awards

Chandigarh University has gained a good ranking due to the quality of education, research activity, athletic excellence and lots more.

The top and good Chandigarh University reviews have made the company gained good name and fame in the short period after establishment.

Among the top recognition some of the prominent are:

  • Chandigarh University Gharuan ranked the University A+ by National Assessment and 
  • Accreditation Council (NAAC)
  • Chandigarh University is the youngest university that is ranked by NIRF.

Some awards gained by CU

  • Chandigarh University ranked 10th among the top 50 Private Universities of the State of India
  • It gained 7th rank among the top 25 young universities in India.
  • The University gained 3rd rank among the private universities of India.

Bottom Line

The University delivers many more things to its students apart from degrees and 

Scholarship. This made Chandigarh University one of the renowned universities in the country.

Get the chance to get the seat in your favorite course. Hurry and grab the best benefit.

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