Best Libraries In Chandigarh For Book Lovers

Libraries In Chandigarh

Every reader or book lover loves to visit the library because it is the only place where you can find immense silence and plenty of books as per your interest. Libraries fuel an individual’s imagination and open up windows to the new world.

Libraries inspire us to explore and achieve and contribute to improving our quality of life.

Almost all of you want to do something in your life. All bibliophiles or book lovers should have the most valuable thing in their wallets, a library card. You must be thinking of joining a library, but nothing is more pleasure than finding a genuinely great library that contains something in it to offend everybody.

If you live in Chandigarh or are new in Chandigarh and want to know about the libraries near you, here is the list of top 10 libraries to look over if you’re going to quench your thirst and quest to read.

The top 10 libraries in Chandigarh are:

1. The state library:

If you are looking for a library not only with a unique collection but also one which conducts many events as well, then The State Library is the right choice with cultural hubs.

They have special services like reading rooms, CD collection, WiFi, an Online catalog, a physically handicapped corner, and many more things. You can stretch your mind at the best library in Chandigarh. It is one of the leading and famous libraries in Chandigarh.

2. The Browser Library And Bookstore:

If you are a person who loves the smell of leather bindings and freshly inked stamping pads, then you should join a library with a stock of 20000+ books, including the latest in fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books for sure.

The browser library and bookstore are among the best and most popular libraries in Chandigarh. This library is the oldest one too.

When you become a member of their family, you will get a 15% discount on your purchase. They also sell second-hand books at a very affordable price.

AddressFirst Floor, SCO 14, 15, Madhya Marg, Sector 8C, Chandigarh, 160018

3. T.S. Central State Library:

Are you looking for a collection of academic and non-academic books near you?. If yes, then your search is over.

T.S. Central State Library is one of the oldest libraries in Chandigarh. The best part is they have different sections according to different age groups. This library also has recreational games, soft toys, blocks, and puzzles to make this library more attractive.

4. Capital Book Depot:

This library is a perfect place for peaceful reading. This library is at a prime location and a paradise for bookworms. If you have thoughts like having a quiet place for reading near me, this library is made especially for you.

Capital book depot is the renowned library in Chandigarh in sector 17. When you enter this library, you will see some of the best books on display. They have a good collection of graphic novels, comics, etc. Besides, they also have cooking and photography books.

Address: 1st Floor, SCO 2, near MC Office, 17E, Chandigarh, 160017.

5. A.C. Joshi Library:

This library is affiliated with Punjab University. If you are a bookworm and searching for full seating accommodation, A C. Joshi Library is the best way to choose.

At this library, you will find seating arrangements for more than 500 readers. You will be stunned by the collection of books in this Library.

The library is centrally air-conditioned and has more than 6.5 publications, including journals, rare books, reports, documents, etc. A.C. Joshi is the library that is working 24*7.

Address: Panjab University, Sector 14, Chandigarh, 160014

6. B2 Library | One-Stop Place For Best Books

This library is known to be the one-stop place for the best books. It is one of the oldest libraries located in the same location for more than 70 yrs. This is a luxurious library and a necessity of life.

This library is one of the best and most renowned libraries in Chandigarh. The library is the oldest, but they continuously upgrade it with time by expanding the floor area and increasing the holding capacity to 25000 volumes.

7. Beant Singh Memorial 

If you are a godly person, The Beant Singh memorial library is the best place for you.

It is the only library that has all the books, such as religion, history, biographies of Indian personalities, world wars, and many more. You will find everything easily under one roof.

They have a very good seating arrangement accommodating more than 200 people.| It is well said that you can borrow the book, but you get to keep the ideas. For those ideas, this library is the best place to visit.

Address: Sector 42 D, Near New Lake, Beant Singh Memorial, Chandigarh, 160043

8. PEC Library:

PEC library is the well-known and best central library expanded into 27000 sq. Feet area with two interlinked buildings. They have separate floors with a central air conditioning facility. They provide services to approximately 3000 users comprising research scholars, graduates, postgraduates, and staff of different departments.

Address: Sector 12, Chandigarh, 160012

9. British Council:

It is also one of the best libraries in Chandigarh. If you love to explore different books, the British Council library is the only library in Chandigarh to visit.

The library has many fictional, poetry, drama, graphics, and junior books. They provide many other services with e-journals, e-literature, and CDs/DVDs. Apart from this, they also have digital magazines.

Address: 178A, Elante Office Block, 515, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh 160002

10. Manimajra Branch Library:

This library was set up in 1980, and all the expenses are borne by the area committee. The opening time of Manimajra Branch Library is from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

Around 400 people visit every day. Apart from general books, they also have competitive books. It also provides information about job vacancies and various other exams for those who are doing preparation.

Address: Opposite Rana Haveli, Main Bazar, Manimajra, Chandigarh, Haryana 160101.


If you are a person who loves reading and is desperately looking for the best libraries in Chandigarh, the lists mentioned above will definitely help you to find your way. You will find different books as per your need and interest.

A book is the key to success, and so is the library. You can nourish your mind and thoughts by having a good book in your hand and being in a most peaceful space. And there is no more relaxed space for reading than a library.

Your search for the best libraries in Chandigarh ends here, and your step starts from here. The library is not a destination. They are transportation.

Hope you found this information relative. Now it’s your turn to choose the perfect library in Chandigarh and start exploring. Be wise and choose wisely.

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