Let’s Roll Over Some Information of e-sampark Chandigarh

e-sampark Chandigarh

Are you a resident of Chandigarh or new to the city beautiful? Well, then you are at the right place, as this piece of write up will help you in gathering the right information about e sampark Chandigarh. There are several numbers of the e-sampark present in the city beautiful.

Mainly, the project of e-sampark was brought up for bringing together the services of various departments all under an individual umbrella and render the citizens of Chandigarh a “multi-level” and “single window” services experience separately. This will eventually diminish the undue harassment that was experienced by the people due to the lesser transparency reasons. 

The sole intention of the project is the creation of a knowledge-based society with the help of extensive usage of information technology as a method for proper interaction between the public and the administration. This process is beneficial for exchanging useful information and access to various departments of government which are smooth and easy and hence turning to a good quality of life. 

Let us take a look at some of the finest purposes of the same:s and leading to less wastage of customers’ precious time. 

  • Bestowing hassle less one-stop solutions for the citizens. 
  • Reduction of various interaction points of the citizen
  • Give the customers a finer turn around time in the receipt, processing stuff and the issue of services. 
  • Transparency should be provided in the delivery of services. 

E-sampark is a system used by the Government of India for being in touch with the citizens through electronic methods and it is also a part of the Digital India campaign. The name Sampark was inaugurated from the Hindi word sampark which means “contact”. 


The features of the same are as follows: 

  • Sending public service messages, informational knowledge through emails, texts, and outbound dialing. 
  • Use of the personalized list of users. 
  • Texts can be sent through smartphone applications. 
  • Users also have access to subscribe and unsubscribe to or from the e-sampark database. 

The goal of Chandigarh e-sampark and samparks for gram is diversified. The administration of Chandigarh initiated upon taking the decision of opening up several centers of sampark in most of the sectors of Chandigarh. The main agenda behind the same is for letting people know about the terms and services that are provided by the administration of Chandigarh. In all, a number of 14 centers are present in the city beautiful that can render numerous facilities to the people living in the city. Everyone living in Chandigarh can freely get in touch or contact the government through the services of SMS, e-mails, dialing and various other means. 

What are the services provided at the e-sampark center Chandigarh? 

Having said that the services at the centers of e-sampark are made up for the local people. There are a number of services given through e-samparks which subsequently lets the residents know about the newest modulations and additions present in the territory, which are organized in a very well manner. 

Following are the services undertaken by the sampark centers:

  • Bill payment of electricity, telephone, and water 
  • Payments plus forms of Chandigarh housing boards 
  • Issuing and renewing the bus pass of CTU. 
  • Identity card issued to the senior citizens and disabled
  • Payment of several taxes like CST, VAT 
  • Issuance of certificates, of birth as well as death. 
  • Proffer services of police like domestic registration for maid and tenant registration 
  • Stamp papers sale 
  • Issue of resident and dependent certificate 

Where are the e-sampark located? 

More than half of the people are not aware of the location of the e-sampark centre Chandigarh. Well, due to the same reason we have enlisted the address and location of the e-sampark in city beautiful. Mostly, these centers are located in every other sector, so that people can turn to the nearest official center. 

In sector-20
In sector 23, near the gurdwara
At electricity building, sector 40-D, Chandigarh 
At bill collection center Sector 47
In sector 7 market, opposite the Gobind Sweets 
At mani majra – center
At Jan Marg, sector 43-A, near the collection center.
At industrial area, phase-1 – center
Punjab & Haryana High Court 
In sector 21 B, 21 A, near government model senior secondary school sector 21
In sector 18 C, which is near the already present bill collection center.
In sector 17H, 17E, sector 17, Chandigarh. 
In sector 15C, sector 15, Chandigarh.
In sector 10A, sector 10, Chandigarh which is near the electricity bill collection center. 

Also, there are around 12-gram centers of sampark as well, which are present in the rustic areas of Chandigarh and are further under the administration of Chandigarh. 

E-Services by E-Sampark 

  1. It provides G2C services, which implies a government to consumer process. Project e-sampark has been brought up for helping every citizen of the union territory to make way of the services under one roof itself. The services are integrated under the Government to Citizen (G2C) amenities given by the Government of Chandigarh. 
  2. It provides G2B services, which implies a government to a business process. Project e-sampark is mainly an interface between the government and the business interactions, which shows that the number of business establishments can benefit from the e-government policy. 
  3. It provides B2C services, which implies a business to consumer process. Project e-sampark anticipates providing business to citizen services (BTC) with the centers and web portals as well. The time of processing has been reduced as the efficiency of the service delivery system is optimized by enabling it into an information technology system. 

Well, there is no doubt about the fact, that how samparks have helped us in a number of systems and has been doing it for a long time. This is one of the best initiatives by the Government of India that has progressed the process of digitization and reduced the hassles in a completely smooth manner.

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