10 Fun Weight Loss Exercises

weight loss exercises

Do you feel weight loss is one of the most difficult tasks in the world? Or if you are irritating with your chubby face and tummy or sometimes feel distressed but now do not need to be disturbed with this. This article will solve your problem and help you to learn different funny weight losing exercise so that you enjoy that moment.

List of Best 7 Fun Weight Loss Exercises:

1) Dance Dance Revolution:

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution is the funny exercise that is available in almost all gaming consoles or gyms. It is a new fitness revolution in the form of video game.   Coping the moves of choreographed on exercising mat and enjoying the pleasing beat of catchy dance in the ear. This amazing exercise help to burn calories quickly and take you to the next level.

2) Capoeira:


Capoeira is a kind of Brazilian art exercise that is the combination of music, dance, martial arts, and acrobatics. This type of workout is effective for beginners. This exercise is famous in Brazil and Africa. The next level of this exercise is included complex moves with punches, high kicks, continuous moving and shaking.

3) Physique 57:

Physique 57 is a type of workout training that includes cardiovascular exercises, strengthen muscles, exercises to stretch your body long and you can learn your body. This type of workout training is only providing in New York and Los Angeles but there are DVDs available of the same workout so that different areas people can watch it. Only after a few sessions of this exercise, you can build your perfect physique.

4) Antigravity Yoga:

Antigravity Yoga

Anti-Gravity Yoga is an amazing exercise, it is also term as an acrobatic form of exercise. It is a unique kind of exercise that yoga exercise along with the aerial move. This exercise is effective for compression joints and aligns the body. So if you like yoga then definitely this exercise is enjoyable for you. There are different forms of anti-gravity training worldwide.

5) Boxing:


If you want to sting like a bee and float like a butterfly then try boxing. Maybe you feel weird after reading this but believe me, boxing is a funny weight loss exercise. Continuous punches and kicking is really helped you to lose weight. Cardio boxing is the high level of workout that helps you to burn your calories, improve agility through the continuous workout. Also, traditional boxing exercise is very handy that a person can do anywhere.

6) Ultimate Frisbee:

Ultimate Frisbee

everyone loves funny ultimate if you want to burn your calories or fat with sweating then create a group of friends go into the park and play Frisbee to burn your melt with sweating. It is an amazing workout after lunch and dinner.

7) Pole Dancing:

Pole Dancing

Release your inner child and shaped your body simultaneously. Pole dancing exercise or “striptease” is really a fun way for women to easily lose weight without leaving their whole day jobs rather but surely you become a striking dancer. In this type of workout, the whole body strengthens the arms, legs, and abs. and in this way you become sexy and hence it’s a dream of every girl or woman.

8) Jumping Rope:

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is not only limited for kids playing but believe me it is really an amazing aerobatic exercise that helps to burn your calories quickly. It found that by jumping rope person can burn fat if they continuously jumping. If a person jumping then on every minute 20 calories has burned from roping. This amazing exercise is effective, easy to use and funny exercise that everyone can do everywhere at any time.

9) Tai Chi:

Tai Chi

If you think that you were not comfortable in boxing exercise then Tai Chi is might suitable for you. This exercise is old Chinese practices that help to relax as well as connect body and mind. It helps to control meditation and fluid movement. This simple and funny exercise contributes to enhance and strengthen muscles coordination, lower stress and reduce blood pressure. So if you want simple and low impact workout to try out this, this will give you the more powerful result.

10) Bosu Ball Workouts:

Bosu Ball Workouts

Bounce workout is another funny workout. The Bosu ball is a workout device or tool that is utilized by many cardio workout training centre and gyms. The half bouncy ball can be utilized as an alternative to step, this will add strength in an aerobatic exercise. By continuously doing the workout on this machine has quickly burn lots of calories.

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