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Well, life is never certain and so are diseases plus infections. If we always knew the struggle coming our ways, then no one would have ever started with the rant of being in a problem. However, it is not true that we will be aware of any uncertainty that would come across us, and instead what we can do is make way for such situations. Diseases are uncertain when we are living in an unhealthy environment or following an irregular diet with no exercise.

PGIMER (Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research)

In this case, most of the times people prefer to go for a check to the best hospital. Every other city in India has some of the best hospitals be it government or private. The city beautiful Chandigarh is home to a great hospital as well. PGI Chandigarh hospital is regarded as one of the oldest government hospitals present in the city. 

  • PGI is referred to as the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research and shortly referred to as PGIMER. 
  • It is medical research, education institution for providing the residents and students with training facilities. 
  • The hospital is the best care tertiary hospital in the region that has been living up to the needs of the patients from Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh. 
  • There is the presence of every kind of facility be it the simple specialties, sub-specialties, or the super specialties. By taking PGI hospital Chandigarh online appointment, patients also avail of the clinical services provided at the government hospital. 
  • The place gives an opportunity to the young medical sciences for pursuing their training sessions under highly reputed experts. 
  • The training is provided for every niche of medicine involving the postgraduate, diploma, post-doctoral degrees, and fellowships. 
  • As the institute is a post-graduate institution which is the reason that it does not flourish facilities for the courses of other training. 

PGI Chandigarh History 

Talking about the history of the hospital, it was established in the year 1960 by Tulsi Das, PN Chuttani, Santokh Singh Anand, BN Aikat, Bala Krishna, and Sant Ram Dhall. The government hospital was executed for bestowing physical and psychological for the young learners and scientists who were working in various multiple niches of medicine.

It was made up of keen learners who were looking forward to advancing their careers of knowledge for helping the humane services in sick and upset conditions. The main aim for the same is to train the medical and paramedical group of people present in Chandigarh or across the city. The establishment of the institution was officially conducted in the year 1962 under the state of Punjab. PGI was announced as the Institute of National Importance by the Act of Parliament on 1st April 1967. 

PGI Chandigarh online appointment

As we know that the city’s beautiful Chandigarh is advancing in every field and here as well it has started with the PGI hospital Chandigarh appointment through online modes for the patients. Well, at this point in time there is a relief for the patients now as there is no requirement to stand in the long queues for making the outpatient cards. The online registration has basically been started for a smooth process of the system. 

Take a look at the guide below for taking an online appointment for PGI. 

  1. Open the official website of PGIMER, Chandigarh on any browser. http://pgimer.edu.in/PGIMER_PORTAL/PGIMERPORTAL/GlobalPages/JSP/portal_pre_registration.jsp
  2. Now as you land on the home page, you will see an icon for “Online Pre Registration” and click on it. 
  3. All you have to do is read all the instructions and information and click on the “Proceed for Registration” link which will further open up the Chandigarh PGI online registration.
  4. The next step is to enter all the essential information in the form. There is a column for choosing the desired department as per your choice. (Note: Presently, the facility is not available for every department. It is slowly    progressing)
  5.  After the selection of your department, feel free to choose the date as per your schedule. 
  6. Another important thing is that the online registration process can be undertaken seven days in advance, so choose the dates as per your accordance. 
  7. The fields with a red star are mandatory to fill. 
  8. Filling the mail address of the patient is the most important instruction to be followed. 
  9. Now, there will be a captcha code present which has to enter right as it is, Soon after the captcha code is considered apt, you can click on the “register” button. 
  10.  After the process, the main task is to preserve the mail and message that will be received as a registration number on your mail id and mobile number respectively. 
  11.  Now, you can freely show the message for the registration number at the counter and subsequently, you will receive the same print of the registration card as a hard copy. 

Note: An important point here, for PGI Chandigarh appointment, is the timings for collection of the card is strictly from 8:00 am to 10:00 am on weekdays and the timings for Saturdays are 8:00 am to 10:30 am. Also, the registration gets canceled, if the patient does not reach on mentioned time. 

The process of online registration at PGIMER has been started for saving the time of people and all the unnecessary hassle. Plus, you must be quick enough to avail of the seats for online appointments as well, as there are only a limited number of patients who can avail of the online registration. 

Training and Researches

Having said that, PGIMER renders training, research for the community, rural, and the issues of environment and health problems. Research takes place on various diseases like handling the diseases, for instance, anemia, tuberculosis, diarrhea, malaria, HIV, hepatitis, oral cancer, thalassemia, hypertension, stone diseases, dental caries, different kinds of cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, relapsing polychondritis and so many more. There are various techniques, methods, approaches, and strategies present for conducting studies like chromatography, PET, genetic studies, flow cytometry, and molecular biology. 

You no more need to worry anymore, as our guide above will help you out in the best way possible!

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