Top Leading IT Companies In Panchkula

IT Companies In Panchkula

IT companies are contributing to the development not only in India but across the globe. Even the IT companies in Panchkula are contributing a lot to the growth of technology in India.

IT sectors in India have become top in the information technology sector globally. There has been continuous stress with development and innovation even though the IT sector is one of the top recruiting sectors. 

The top companies in Panchkula are involved in giving solutions to various industries across the globe like government agencies, manufacturing, retailing, banking, and the list adds on. You can pick many companies in Panchkula to increase the growth of your business.

Let us begin with the leading IT companies in Panchkula. You might be having questions in your mind like the difference between these companies and thousands of other companies listed on the internet. The main difference is that these companies are more credible and researched.

The top leading companies In Panchkula are:

1. Grazitti Interactive:

A Marketo and Salesforce expert company with decades of proficiency in detailing with IT service and solutions sector. So far, they have an employee circle of up to 200 people and increasing.

As of now, they hold their expertise in online communities, CRM, marketing, design, enterprise services, and so on. They have been entitled with many awards and recognitions in the past years and still strive to set new benchmarks in the IT industry with a bang. From organizing live webinars to corporate events, they have become the true talk of the town in the Tricity in no time.

Address: Ground Floor & 2nd Floor, #198, Industrial Area Phase 2, Panchkula, Haryana 134113

2. Bursys:

This company holds over 15 years of expertise in the industry as well as in the domain. The company uses effective and efficient software solutions to advance the manufacturing environment of industries all over the world.

The expertise team at Bursysis involved in tackling the industry involved challenges and outcomes with unique and innovative technology solutions. They are also involved in setting up new standards for performance.

The services provided by them include:

Strategy & Architecture

  • Development of various mobile applications
  • Development of cloud applications
  • Modernization of applications
  • Devil’s management

Address: SCO-14 Sector-5, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

3. Click labs:

Click Labs was founded in 2011. It is a house of brands that is very useful in connecting your business end to send and helps you grow globally. This highly reputed and recognized IT organization offers impeccable suite of IT services with a tagline saying ‘Everything on Demand’.

Be it developing a kickass website for your business or introducing you to the best approaches of expanding your venture possibilities, Click Labs is one such organization in the Tricity that has been trusted by more than 24k businesses all around the world. the Organization has some reputed names in its kitty as their esteemed clients. And it includes – Pizza Hut, KFC, Burger King, Eagle View, McDonalds, ADNOC, JSW Steel, and much more. 

So far, its market growth demands on the savvy solutions including – on-demand salon services, on-demand taxi franchise, on-demand taxi food ordering platform franchise, and much more.

Address: Plot No. 16, Sector 22, Budanpur, Chaunki, Haryana 134109

4. Dot Technologies:

Dot Technologies is a desire to mechanize enterprises. The company generally focuses on business goals with technology and contributes to the growth of other companies. They provide:

  • Web application development services.
  • Software development services.
  • Mobile application development services.
  • Internet marketing services.
  • Website development services to serve your business interests.

They assure error-free growth by good accuracy I’m technology. They let the technology seep into the procedure of your business to experience empowerment. You can control the business operations accurately as well as efficiently with the help of Dot technologies

They also provide cost-effective business ideas and state-of-the-art virtual infrastructure to run your business smoothly, whether you have one business unit or many units.

You can expand your business globally with the help of Dot technologies. The prime focus of this company is increased sales and cost-effective business and integrating technology with your business model as well.

They are good expertise team of software engineers is placed well with standards of the company. As they are aware of the needs of customers, they mold technologies in favor of customers. Irrespective of nature, they have a solution for each business.

Address: SCO 331, 2nd floor, Sector 9, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

5. Altruist Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:

It is a mobile social networking platform that gives its clients all kinds of VAS, BPO, RA, and telecommunication solutions. A voice-based mobile social network is the flagship product of Altruist technologies Pvt. Ltd.

It currently manages multiple media brands and clients and organizes and hosts voice infrastructure for the content owners and distributors. 

It is specialized in the fields of voice and web-based value-added services and business process outsourcing.

Address: Plot No-2, Sector -22, HSIIDC Technology Park, Haryana 134109

6. Webart Softech:

This company is known mainly for making concepts, processing thoughts, and pushing research a little further. The company believes in nurturing people’s creativity by letting them brainstorm around tricky yet straightforward solutions.

The company believes in working together and thinks that a project is like a road built by the contribution of everyone with their skills.

The critical services provided by them are-

  1. Graphic design
  2. Scripting and custom programming
  3. Well designed website templates
  4. E-commerce websites to accept online payments
  5. Logo design, brochures, branding, and stationery.
  6. Online advertisement through Google, promotions, and Search Engine Optimisation
  7. Technical support as well as help for the maintenance of the website.
  8. Website hosting on high-speed servers with 99.9% uptime.

Address: 347, Sector 9, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

7. Vtaurus Technologies: 

VTaurus technologies was founded in the year 2011. This company was founded with the primary objective of providing professional web development services to its customers all over the world. This company always primarily focuses on the services offered to the customers. The team always focuses on going the extra mile to bring out new ways for the gratification of clients. 

Because of their professional behavior, ethics, teamwork, and dedication, the company is among the top most leading IT companies. Since its launch, the company’s graph of growth always shows positive action upward, and the company has never looked back.

The company offers a wide variety of services like testing of software, mobile and Web development, content management system, E-Commerce Development, and software testing. 

Through E-commerce development, you can showcase your business online and focus on the target market.

8. Webhopers Infotech PVT. LTD:

Webhopers Infotech Private Limite is solely based on digital marketing in Chandigarh. This company has contributed to many startups that are looking to capitalize on the boundless possibilities that digital marketing can provide. 

On the basis of their professional approach to problems or ability to provide solutions to any client and their excellent results, they have established their brand value in the market.

The company holds a firm place in the search engine marketing industry as they hold the tag of a trustworthy digital company.

The fastest growing and the most leading SEO company in Panchkula is WebHopers Infotech Private Limited.The company is known for providing only white-Hat organic search engine optimization services. With the provided services, you can get long-term results on top of major search engines. 

There has always been a team of SEO experts holding more than six years of experience in search engine optimization.

WebHopers includes a team of highly qualified, and we’ll experience senior developers, designers, and digital marketers. The team not only operates in India but also provides solutions to clients all over the world. 

The most challenging thing is finding a web design company that can help you make solid websites to attract new customers, deliver a satisfactory shopping experience to customers, and streamline the management of the online store. 

Address: SCO 46, 2nd Floor, Cabin Number 125, Near Cafe Coffee Day, Canam Plaza Sector 11 Panchkula Chandigarh, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

9. Netzens Softech:

It is one of the leading software companies that focuses mainly on providing complete IT solutions to its clients. The services provided by this company include:

  • Web designing.
  • Web marketing.
  • Development of web.
  • Development of the mobile app.
  • Optimization of search engines.

The expertise and a dedicated team of Netzens Softech are leading in the IT sector.

Address: S.C.O. 25P, Mansa Devi Complex, Sector 4, near IT Park, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

10. Smart IT labs – Web & Apps:

It is one of the leading businesses that focus on providing a wide range of search engine optimization services. They have expertise in the field of web development, development of mobile app, and web design. Development Company is best suited to this business-oriented IT company.

Address: SCO 30, 1st Floor, Sector 11, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

11. Pixel Softwares:

One of the most reputed companies in the IT sector in Panchkula is Pixel Softwares.This company holds years of experience in the field. Their services include consultancy, enterprise solutions, development of IOS app, and web development to both startups and enterprises.

This organization comes with an industry-rich experience of up to 5 years, have developed up to 100 savvy applications for the leaders of the business world, encompasses a pool of up to 25 technical experts, and have more than 100 happy clients who are still associated with the organization.

That’s not all, the company has managed to gain a good rating of 4.9 on the marketing and online business reputation scale for its amazing credibility for their value services.

Address: 2nd floor, SCO 137, BEL Colony, Sector 14, Panchkula, Haryana 134113

12. Seo and Web Service in Panchkula

Most of us think that after Google updates, most SEO makes fools of their customers. But this is just a myth. SEO and Web service go hand in hand. If you hold a team that is up to date with all the advancements and modifications done by Google, you will surely get a response from customers and search engines. 

Address: Rally Village, Sector 12-A, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

13. Wave Infotech

The best website design and development company in Chandigarh is Wave Infotech.The company is generally involved in designing top-notch responsive sites and online platforms for its customers. They are a team of highly experienced and dedicated web designers in Panchkula specializing in creating stunning websites and web applications for their clients.

When talking about their secret strategy behind developing progressive results for the businesses associated with their brand name, they have a data-driven thorough strategy which focuses on the different segments of business expansion and management.

Before executing or representing their esteemed line of services to their customers or clients, they ensure to work on understanding the business modules giving their clients’ businesses a remarkable approach leading towards success and never-ending business progress.

Address: Mansa Devi Complex, SCO 44, Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

14. Netqom Software (P) Ltd. 

They are the service provider having expertise in web designing. It has expertise in web development, E-commerce development, and web designing services. 

The company was founded in 2015, and its headquarter is situated in Panchkula. It serves industries like healthcare, transportation, finance, real estate, and E-commerce.

It is generally used by medium-sized businesses and SMEs.

Address: SCO 60, Second floor, Swastik Vihar, Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana 134114

15. Violet Automation Pvt Ltd.:

Violet Automation Private Limited is a private company incorporated on 12 July 2016. The company is limited by shares, and its head office is located in Panchkula. It is classified further as a non-government company. The company has four appointed directors. It provides services like website revamping.

When it comes to evaluating the biggest highlights of this organization, they offer – institution management, marketing and brand management, home and industrial automation services, health care and hospitals, professional service providers, customer care and relationship management services and much more. 

The pool of experts working in Violet Automation Pvt Ltd. Is the reason why the company is so confident about the different products including – Missed Call Services, Dialer, Mobile Number Verification System, and so on. You can gain a detailed overview on this with the help of experts of the industry sitting at Violet Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Address: SCF 266, Second Floor, Sector 16, Panchkula, Haryana 134108

16. Verridical Technologies:

It has a team of proficient developers and designers focused enough to provide you unmatched digital experience to overcome all your business-related challenges. 

Their agile approach helps businesses achieve their targets and enables them to meet changing landscape.

The services provided by Verridical technologiesinclude custom website development, UI/UX design. In custom website development, you can increase your business capabilities with our custom web design and meet your needs related to business. Their architecture involves business-centric web applications and performance-driven applications that can help you enhance business values.

They also create high-performing enterprise software solutions that can help you in the future. They use modern technologies and recent approaches to accelerate the time-to-market of your applications with more emphasis on supplying full and large scale and cutting edge software.

Address: Plot Number- 7, HSIIDC IT PARK, Sector 22, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

17. NeMo Technologies Pvt Ltd:

It is a mobile application testing subsidiary of Nextgen Technology and an experienced interoperability test provider serving the automotive industry for more than ten years.

The prime focus of NeMo technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is to provide a seamless app experience to the users. This experience is achieved by testing real devices in conditions of the real world. And this is being the main reason behind not using any emulators. 

Their quality labs have spaned seven regional sites and a library of more than 5000 real phones and tablets. They cover every major handset release across all regions.

Address: Plot No. 1, 4th Floor, Anant Raj Tech Park IT Park, Sector 22, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

18. PatentsKart:

It is a firm that supports next-generation intellectual property services. They aim to make patent portfolio management easier to deal with for clients. Their primary business is to outsource the intellectual capabilities of experienced patent agents, patent analysts, and patent researchers. 

All this helps give a broad spectrum of patent support services to companies across their value chain, including patent prosecution and litigation support searches, analysis of patent infringement and patent licensing analysis of the portfolio, research, and development search support activities, and setting a benchmark.

PatentsKart includes a group of experienced professionals with more than eight years of expertise in the IP industry. 

Address: Plot No. 9, IT Park, Sector 22, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

19. Korecent Solutions Pvt. Ltd:

It is a strong team lead by solid leadership that focuses mainly on success. The company is always involved in increasing values and always includes every stakeholder working for the common goal.

The company is also known for its encouragement and promotion of the development of employees throughout the company. They also nurture and promote the growth of talented individuals to become the next generation of leaders.

Address: sco 194-195, ansal sampark 1, Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

20. Piegon Media Pvt Ltd.:

This company effectively provides valuable marketing resources and techniques to modern IT, e-commerce, and the internet.

They make digital marketing less expensive, and thus they are among the top digital marketing companies in India. 

The best part is that they adopt the latest marketing procedures and thus there are specific prices affordable to customers.

Address: SCO 15 , Second Floor, Sector 10, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

21. Eways Soft Solutions:

It is a global IT service company specializing in Website development, web designing, search engines optimization, B2B solutions, responsive web design, PPC advertisement, e-commerce, and other web services to customers.

It is a product development company with years of experience involving several vital stages like creating ideas, screening of ideas, testing of concepts, market and business analysis, and actual development of the product.

The experienced and qualified professionals do the market analysis to measure the opportunities of the proposed software solutions. Reports are created on the basis of market statistics, evaluation of different objectives like objectives for cost, productivity, and quality, and after the assessment, possible constraints are derived. 

The company also helps different businesses like the automobile service business. Laos holds fully customized web applications for automobiles service providers, including Service, Insurance, billing, job cards, and the list adds on.

Their team can develop E-commerce web applications to establish the retail business in the online marketplace prolifically.

Address: Plot No 225, Industrial Area, Phase 2, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

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