Jinde Meriye Movie: Introduction, Star Cast, Songs And So Much More

Jinde Meriye Movie

Jinde Meriye movie is a romantic Punjabi movie. More or less, everyone was very excited about this film and why not. Pankaj Batra, along with Ashu Munish Sahni, Preeti Batra, Aniket Kawade and Amandeep Singh have produced this film. As the co-producer, we have Mandip Dhami.

The official trailer of Jinde Meriye is out and seems promising to a large number of audience. This movie is going to rock the Indian cinemas. Another promising thing came out on Jan 12, 2020.

The title track of Jinde Meriye is just as promising as the movie itself. Just that it is a bit sad but matches with the theme and genre of the movie overall.

Who are all the stars being cast in Jinde Meriye

Our very own Parmish Verma has appeared as the lead character in Jinde Meriye. He will be co-starring with Sonam Bajwa. Sonam and Parmish have already duetted once in the Punjabi remake of Singham(by Ajay Devgan) with the same name again.

They are the most favourite on-screen couple of Punjab. It seems like everyone is having eyes on the movie only for this job. We can expect good chemistry since Singham was already a blast.

Parmish Verma is a polished Punjabi actor while Sonam is most talked about Punjabi actress. This girl has got something that we all crave for.

Moving to other characters, we have Yuvraj Hans as another lead character. Along with these popular and well known Punjabi actors, the movie also casts Navneet Kaur Dhillon, Hobby Dhaliwal, Anita Devgan, Hardeep Gill, Malkeet Rauni and Ravinder Mand. These actors are playing minor yet important characters.

Storyline and Plot of the movie

Yaadi (the character played by Parmish Verma), and Rehmat(Sonam’s character) are childhood friends. On one hand, Rehmat is a down to earth and lovable girl while on the other hand, Yaadi is a fun-loving boy.

The two best friends fall in love with each other they the age of love approaches them. Just like every other Punjabi family, Rehmat’s father refuses to accept Yaadi as her husband because of his carelessness and lack of interest in his future. This breaks the couple apart. Rehmat’s father asks Yaadi to become a better person and start to make a living.

Yaadi chooses a wrong(rather illegal) way to earn a fortune and reputation. This really breaks Rehmat and she turns her back on him. She is sent to England. In the meantime, her family introduces her to Yuvi, very kind and warm-hearted person. They seem to like each other.

Yaadi gets trapped into drug dealings and mafia gangs in England. He has everything he desired, except the only person he needs, Rehmat. Well, there is still a big question mark whether Yaadi will be forgiven by Rehmat or not. Will they ever be together? Will they have their happy ending? Let’s watch the movie to know what really happens.

Jinde Meriye Title Track

Composed and directed by Sukh Sohal, Jinde Meriye’s title track is a big hit. It was released on 12 January 2020 and ever since its release, the level of excitement raised in the audience.

The title track has a time duration of 03 minutes and 17 seconds. Only Sonam Bajwa and Parmish Verma are to be seen in the song. Jinde Meriye shows hopelessly romantic chemistry between the couple.

This is what makes a good bait trap for the Indian audience. The picturisation and shooting of the song Jinde Meriye is beautifully done. We can feel the song lyrics by just listening to them once. This song is really a love anthem of 2020.

What are some other songs in Jinde Meriye?

Other than the title track, Jinde Meriye Punjabi movie songs have come in a long list. Here it goes:

  • Klolan: this song was released on 26 December 2019. Klolan is written by Mandeep Mavi and sung by Parmish Verma. The song has a total time duration of 03 minutes and 03 seconds.
  • Ni Jinde: Another song sung by Parmish Verma himself is Ni Jinde from the movie Jinde Meriye. This song came out on December 22, 2019.
  • Tere Bin: This song is sung by Abhijeet Srivastav. Tere bin gets a 5/5 rating on DJ Punjab.
  • Glock: Sung by Dilpreet Dhillon, Glock is another track from Jinde Meriye. This doesn’t focus on the intense side of Parmish Verma (Yaadi).

When will the movie Release?

Earlier when the shooting started, Parmish Verma had unofficially announced that Jinde Meriye would be released in October 2019 but it was fake news. Official Jinde Meriye Punjabi release date is finally out now. The movie will be available in Indian cinemas on 24 January 2020.

Almost all the seats in theatres in Punjab and nearby areas are booked. These seats are mostly booked in two, yeah it means couples. That’s what a romantic movie offers, a good couple of entertainment. After the release of Jinde Meriye, we will know how rating will this movie secure in IMDB.

If you have not booked your seats yet, don’t worry. Have patience and let others watch the film. Maybe you could use some reviews for yourself.

Although the movie is expected to do well in cinemas yet, it’s always better to be on a safer side. Be precautious of the spoilers. Have your ear immune to such people who give spoilers.

Genre and Language of the movie

Jinde Meriye Punjabi movie is a hopeless romantic movie. The dialogues and songs are purely written and composed in the Punjabi language. Although Punjabi is not a very tough language still people from other states might need subtitles to understand the synopsis of the movie. The diction used in Jinde Meriye is of high level.

Plotting of the movie is carefully done while keeping the romantic cum sad genre in mind. This movie purely focuses on love and romance along with the tragic breakup of our favourite couple.

What are the fans’ expectations of Jinde Meriye

Everyone is having high hopes from Jinde Meriye. We have already seen the couple together once and we want to want to see them together again, as a happy, cheerful and very romantic couple. The director has wisely chosen the actors to cast in the film.

Ever since the trailer came out, the storyline of Jinde Meriye is clear to all. Now all that we wait for is the climax. What will happen? We want a happy ending.

We want to see Yaadi and Rehmat together in the end. This is what every Parmish Verma fan is expecting. But will stand up to the audiences’ soaring expectations? That’s the real question.

Overall, the movie seems promising and we can expect it to hit the box office really hard. This is supposed to be the first best romantic Punjabi film of 2020.

Where was Jinde Meriye Filmed?

The movie Jinde Meriye was filmed in Scotland. After the shooting started, Parmish Verma declared the existence of the scripts and all on his Instagram account. That’s when we got to know that this actor cum singer is on his way to another blockbuster hit.

Jinde Meriye Reviews

So, how well did the Punjabi romance magic work on the audience? The Parmish Verma starter was eye candy for his die-hard fans. Critics haven’t spoken yet about the film but the audience has. The film performed outstandingly well and people came out happy from the movie hall.

Most commented that they loved the film and they demand a sequel and as well as praised Parmish Verma’s performance. Although some of those fans were unsatisfied of the film’s conclusion saying, “They saw it coming”. The film has stood up to the expectations set up by the moviegoers.

These reactions by the public are majorly positive which is good news for the film’s producers and as well as Parmish Verma. The film’s soundtrack was also a matter of praise and appreciation by many people. The Punjabi film might even break some records in its run with the pace that it is going with. In the end, Jinde Meriye was worth the wait.

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