Uncle Jack’s Chandigarh: Treat Yourself! The Sweetest Desserts In Tricity

Uncle Jacks chandigarh

Appetizers are nice and entrées are essential, but we adore dessert. For real — we feel about ice cream and cookies and brownies the way Liz Lemon feels about her night cheese. A day without something sweet is like a day without joy. For some of us, even the most fantastic meal is just the prelude to what is really the main attraction: sweet, sticky, crave-able cakes, cookies, pies, ice creams, and various types of shakes. We’re a city of dessert lovers, seeking out our favorite treats at the best bakers in Chandigarh, the best coffee shops in Chandigarh.

Uncle Jack's Chandigarh

I don’t care what anyone says, dessert & shakes are the best things to ever happen to this planet — I basically live for it. Even when I’m eating a meal, all I can think about going out to one of my most preferred cafés with my BFFs and getting the slice of cake or bowl of ice cream I’m going to have as soon as I’m finished.

And I’m constantly on the hunt for the next most insane dessert. Let’s talk about the much-hyped place in the city beautiful i.e… Uncle Jack Sector 8 Chandigarh, is the place where you are going to find Tricity most jaw-dropping, happiness-inducing desserts — from legendary chocolate babka to a classic banana split. These treats aren’t just memorable; they are worth every single delicious calorie. Fair warning: We’re not sharing!

Uncle Jack’s Chandigarh Menu

A small outlet in Sector-8 Chandigarh. Famous for their shakes, fries, and waffles. This place has a unique way of presenting their food in jars and beakers. This tiny place is being managed with such ease and innovation.

The takeaway jars are its USP. The presentation of the dishes is spectacular. Chicago fries and bacon & cheese fries literally took my heart away. The fries are so generously loaded with cheese and large chunks of bacon that you can definitely not ask for anything more. One of the best places to try milkshakes.

We tried Caramel Oreo, Chocolate Raspberry, The Ultimate Nutella, – thick shake Black Chocolate Forest. Shakes are quite good. You can try once and I am sure that you are going to remember it for quite a long time. Chicken & cheese fries. They are served in a beaker.

shakes, fries and waffles

These are for sure, the best fries ever. They are crispy and are loaded with a good amount of cheese and chicken. You will have cheese and chicken even with the last few fries left. Raspberry lemonade, the lemonade is served in a beaker, while the raspberry juice is in a syringe. You can adjust the amount of flavor you want to add according to your personal taste.

It is a very cool and soothing drink for the scorching summer heat. Coco Chanel waffle. The quantity of Waffle is great. It is loaded with a great amount of ice cream and chocolate syrup.

The waffles are not very hard. It is served in a cardboard box, which is very convenient to pack the leftovers too. Strawberry chocolate jar cake. This jar cake is delicious and very soft. Although I’m not big strawberry fans, the alternate layering of strawberry and chocolate, made them taste great.

This American creamery is living up to its name with the unmatched taste & quality of food & drinks. Be it sandwiches, shakes, fries, macaroons, summer coolers, cake in the jar, you get everything here, or should I say, you name it, you get it! Uncle Jack’s have been doing wonders in the city, this is that one outlet that introduced the concept of serving food in takeaway containers.

Also, it introduced cheesy fries, cake in the jar, charcoal ice cream, and whatnot. Uncle Jacks has been doing wonders in the city, this is that one outlet that introduced the concept of serving food in takeaway containers. Also, they introduced cheesy fries, cake in the jar, charcoal ice cream, and whatnot.

This outlet is in Inner Market of Sector 8, Chandigarh which is nearby from popular city points and it is easily accessible. I liked the compact designing of this outlet which is quite unique and looks good with the soothing interior of the outlet welcomed by a live showcase counter showcasing all offerings from Uncle Jack’s creamery. I have discovered a formula for this place i.e. To kill your hunger with a perfect taste = Uncle Jack’s.

Uncle jacks will be on my hit list when I am hanging out with my friends for a long time. I just can’t tell what all I like about this place, cheesy fries, cold coffee, mojito’s, waffles everything from here is love. And also I love the fact that their prices are so genuine and quality and quantity are so good.

They are the ones who have introduced takeaway jars and bottles in Tricity. Seriously, it was the thing that was never tried and experimented on by anyone in Chandigarh. I must say that Uncle’s Jack’s are true “The Trendsetter”

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