The Hedgehog Cafe: The Best Cafe in Chandigarh

The Hedgehog Cafe

If you love coffee shops, Tricity is the town for you. No matter where you roam in City Beautiful, you’re sure to find the best Cafe in Chandigarh for a delicious cup of coffee – with an amazing ambience to match! Homegrown coffee companies have also stepped up, with some developing chains sourcing coffee and others roasting their own beans in-town. Here is The Hedgehog Cafe Chandigarh for the best cafe in Tricity.

Hedgehog Cafe is an amazing place located in Sector 7

it’s got all the books, a book lover could ask for, Wanna know the best thing? You can even borrow them just like an ideal library. That’s not the end, they have a free wifi service available too. Everything perfumes perfect literature goodness. They have come up with an interesting concept. You can work here also in their working station while chit-chatting with your gang.

the hedgehog cafe, sector 7-c, chandigarh

They have worked tremendously on their food and it shows in their menu, presentation, and of course the most important taste. The Don Corn is their specialty. Cheese, Corn, and Tomatoes together with pita, garlic bread, and soft roll bread should be on your hit list. Do try out their HOT COFFEES plus the hedgehog cookies served with the same is always a great option to choose from. As for the desserts, they were absolutely lip-smacking, come here and drop by for some delicious goodness.

Hedgehog is a special cafe with an ideal setting for people who are bookworms, to enjoy their own company. An ideal cafe for somebody looking for a meaningful conversation over a coffee table and that too with their signature style cookies.  In Fact, It is not only a place for good food, soothing ambience, rocking staff but also a place to share ideas, meet intellects, indulge in knowledgeable & creative discussions with a cup of strong and amazing cappuccino.

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