Top 5 Places To Enjoy Live Music in Chandigarh

enjoy live music in Chandigarh

If you have ever been part of a live music session, then you would know how soul-stirring it could be. The constant hectic work schedules and the ever-increasing stress in our day-to-day life make it imperative to take a break over the weekends and to set your soul free in the melodies of the music. This is the reason we are here with the list of top 5 places to enjoy live music in Chandigarh.

list of  top Live Music Restaurants In Chandigarh:

  1. Peddlers: Sector 35, Chandigarh

Peddlers: Sector 35, Chandigarh

A haven for the youth of Chandigarh, Peddlers is one of the most famous party places in Chandigarh. With retro vibe and British inspired indoor, it is just perfect place to drench your taste buds in some mouth-watering food while listening to live music.

The restaurant is located in sector 35-C, and also offers late night food delivery.

  1. Flyp@MTV: Sector 26, Chandigarh

Flyp@MTV Chandigarh

A relatively new entrant in the Chandigarh food circuit, the place has been making waves for its amazing interior and good food, along with drinks.

The place also offers live music. So, if you are a fan of some good food and looking to set up a good mood, then going to Flyp@MTV in sector 26 can be a worthy choice.

  1. Hoppin Restro-Bar: Elante Mall, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh

Hoppin Restro-Bar chandigarh

If you want to enjoy some good music in the open, then Hoppin can be a great option. Located adjacent to the Food Court in Elante Mall, live performances generally start after 8:30.

You can have some scrumptious food and a couple of drinks to set the tone and have a great evening by being at the Hoppin Restro-Bar.

  1. The Back Room: Sector 34A, Chandigarh

The Back Room: Sector 34A, Chandigarh

Another name that has gained quite a lot of popularity within the youth of Chandigarh is   The Black Room. It is located in sector 34, Chandigarh.

Live music events usually happen on Fridays after 9PM. So, if you are looking to give your weekend a kick start, then visiting The Back Room can be just the perfect idea!

  1. Shosha Cafe N Bar: Sector 26, Chandigarh

Shosha Cafe N Bar: Sector 26, Chandigarh

With a unique name and an equally unique concept, the restaurant has won accolades for being one of the most chic places in the Tricity.

You can enjoy live music at the café on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 8PM onwards. And, trust me going to Shosha, located in sector 26 is going to be a treat for your taste buds as well as your musical soul!

Some noteworthy motions that almost made it to the list –

Now that you know the list of top places to enjoy live music in Chandigarh, what are you waiting for?

Get your weekend vibe going and plan a visit to any of these places for a great weekend!

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When words fail music speaks.’ – William Shakespeare

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