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The world is full of foodie people, who cannot help but crave their taste buds to some of the other yummy dishes all the time. Eating is one of the happiest recreations of every other person.

Some people are fond of vegetarian food and some are fond of non-vegetarian food. The people, who are madly in love with non-vegetarian food, hardly go for vegetarian dishes, but the famous south Indian foods, break out their rule about that. The south Indian food forces the non-vegetarians to explore its relish.

Some people even go for vegetarian meals, just because of owing sympathy to the poor animals whose life is at stake only for the meals of humans. And that is when; the mouth-dropping south Indian food comes to the rescue. Now, this is really a deal when one has to find out the best south Indian restaurant in Chandigarh.

Sankalp chandigarh

However, it is no more a deal now, because heading to Sankalp Chandigarh would ease your difficulties. Sankalp restaurant is the perfect home to unique, different, and delicious cuisines. The Sankalp vegetarian restaurant Chandigarh is a multi-cuisine restaurant, which offers its customers north Indian, south Indian, and Italian food as well.

The restaurant is located in sector 26 of Chandigarh and is completely and purely a vegetarian restaurant. The place is widely famous for the special south Indian food served by them. When the Sankalp Chandigarh was shortly established, soon after, it was regarded as the best south Indian restaurant, and until now, it is considered at the highest place.

One of the unique perceived benefits that the Sankalp Chandigarh offers is the celebratory preparation along with the traditional way of laying out the tables for the visitors, and definitely not forgetting the mind-blowing service supplied to the customers by the faculty. The exotic place adds up to a restaurant of the branch, that is one fifty in total, and absolutely the Sankalp restaurant is a diamond to Chandigarh the city beautiful.

Sankalp Vegetarian Restaurant

The craziest thing to know about the restaurant is that it serves the food lovers with a Dosa, which is fifty-three feet long and also holds the Guinness world records for serving with the longest Dosa.

The different types of dishes offered here are incomparable to any other restaurant. The popularly loved dishes included here are Panchvarna uttapam, dahi vada, cheese and corn Dosa, and so many more dishes that will make your wait absolutely a worthwhile one. These special things about Sankalp turn the vegetarians go head over heels for the place.

Dr. Kailash Goenka established Sankalp Chandigarh in the year 1980, the ultimate radical man, as the man undeniably knew where he was aiming to and the rest is history.

It was first and foremostly opened on the ashram road of Ahmedabad, which was the first crown jewel restaurant at that moment that only believed in providing the customers with the finest quality cuisine.

The faculty of the Sankalp restaurant concentrates on committing their selves to widen the culture, architecture, and heritage of India in the world which is going highly foreign, so that is how Sankalp wants the customers and the generation to be close to its roots and country as well.

Owning the prime services of best quality foods, finest hospitality, to hoteliering and so many more fields, Sankalp needs to be a quickly growing organization to fill up all the needs and requirements of the nation. Not only does the Sankalp chain lacks behind in other services like the packaging foods services, providing superb hospitality, to distributing and manufacturing of the services.

As a brilliantly growing company, Sankalp is now even residing in foreign countries like U.S.A, Canada, UK, UAE, and Australia. Becoming a major head in the economic criteria too, the Sankalp restaurants believe in keeping the ethical practices of business too on the number one of their list at every trial.

The perception bought by the members of Sankalp restaurant is to develop an unequaled experience by bringing up the widest simplest principle of hygiene, services, prediction, and satisfaction of the customers.

It also has a goal to constantly serve add-ups to all the fields by introducing honesty by the well-wishers and boosters and to recreate, initialize and reciprocate the professionalism of the brand in as many fields as possible. Some of the proof of evidence of the Sankalp franchise is the uncountable number of awards achieved by the organization every through. The list of awards goes by, for instance:

  • The Guinness books of records awarded the restaurant the certificate of commemoration for introducing the twenty-five feet long, Dosa which was regarded as the world’s largest Dosa in the year 1997.
  • Coming by, in the year 2006, Sankalp broke the record, and higher it went by re-introducing the Dosa to a thirty feet long one, acclaiming yet another feather to the Guinness title.
  • During the year 2006, it was also awarded the Shabash India certificate of excellence by the zee network group.
  • Moreover, for its excellent performance, it has been awarded the time’s food award in the years 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.
  • The tourism brochure of Gujarat has also declared Sankalp in the act of “most authentic south Indian restaurant”.
  • The owner of the Sankalp franchise that is Mr. Kailash Goenka also received the Gauravvanta Gujarati, which is an award for entrepreneurship dealing.
  • Not leaving behind the popular choice award for the best restaurant in the year of 2012, by the Harrow times the UK was yet another achievement for Sankalp.
  • In coming years, in the year 2013, Sankalp was awarded in a run with a total of three words together for the best regional restaurant chain, for creating 54 feet long Dosa and creating a world record with that, for the best restaurant category too in the area of a franchise and business development.

Now, getting to know all this about the Sankalp restaurant Chandigarh, who would not want to visit this extremely loved restaurant by all?

Sankalp Vegetarian Restaurant Chandigarh Address:

Address: SCO 11, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160026

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