Famous Boutiques in Chandigarh

10 Famous Boutiques in Chandigarh With The Address

A boutique is a women’s best friend. An excellent boutique can either make you look gorgeous or destroy your look. Chandigarh is one of the best cities to shop. It’s a hub for significant Famous Boutiques in Chandigarh and up-and-comers similarly, and let’s not overlook the shopping. The best way to buy in the city is by visiting a boutique.

Below we are highlighting ten significant and get a dress for any occasion Famous Boutiques in Chandigarh

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List of Top 10 Famous Boutiques in Chandigarh:

1) Simple Kaur Boutique Chandigarh:

Simple Kaur Boutique Chandigarh

Being in Chandigarh calls for a must Punjabi suit, as a Punjabi suit devotes to the culture of the city. Simple Kaur is a unique women’s boutique with stylish, trendy suits, ghagras, etc. This boutique has turned into one of the best Punjabi suits boutiques in Chandigarh that girls wear on the regular. There are plenty of other designs as well. From its great suits to its collection of cute embellishments, there’s a little something for everyone.

So, If you want to look the best for any occasion, make sure you visit this place to buy your dream dress, and it is one of the best boutiques in Chandigarh.

Simple Kaur Boutique Chandigarh Address:

Address: #4771, Darshan Vihar, Sector 68, Chandigarh, Punjab 160062
Phone: 098155 48496

2) Landmark Designer Studio Chandigarh:

Landmark Designer Studio Chandigarh

From the best suits to designer sarees, this boutique is a one-stop shop for all your requirements. The designs are continually growing, and there are plenty of designs so you can make the best of it. This shop is a must visit reward, and you surely won’t leave empty-handed. Just wear a piece from this boutique, and you will turn around all the heads. People wouldn’t stop stroking you.

So, if your fantasy to turn around heads and make the most of any occasion, then it is must have at least one suit saree in your wardrobe from this boutiques.

It is one of the best boutiques in Chandigarh to fulfill all your dreams.

Landmark Designer Studio Chandigarh Address:

Located in: Elante Mall
Address: 219, 178, Purv Marg, MW Area, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002
Phone: 0172 507 0006

3)  Riwaz Boutique Chandigarh:

Riwaz Boutique Chandigarh

The Riwaz boutique in Chandigarh designs and makes both kinds of wears for the customers just at the same place. It is not just popular for its amazingly traditional collection but also the wide variety of western items. Riwaz boutique is absolutely fashion hub for exclusive designs of hand machine embroidery and western dresses. Situated in sector-16 of Chandigarh- the city beautiful, the place leaves imprints of their fashion designs on people all over Chandigarh. Since around seven years, the boutique is serving people with its heart relishing duty and work empowering upon the customers with every new and latest creativity designs to make it something largely unique. One can definitely not return back barehanded after visiting the Riwaz boutique in Chandigarh.

It is one of the best boutiques in Chandigarh, so make sure to visit.

Riwaz Boutique Chandigarh Address:

Address: Shop No 56, Sector 16 D, Sector 16, Chandigarh, 160015, India
Phone: +91 98764 66644

4) Teg’s Boutique Chandigarh:

Teg's Boutique Chandigarh

This boutique is known for its gratifying aesthetics. This boutique sells everything and is one of the most known and reputed boutiques in Chandigarh. Head here to cherish artistic pieces (including couture and a bridal) in the women’s shop. Thankfully, it’s not all crazy expensive; you can find dresses and sarees in your budget. It is a must-visit for anyone.

It is one of the best boutiques in Chandigarh, that will never fail to meet your expectations.

Teg’s Boutique Chandigarh Address:

Address: Shop No. 29, Sub. City Center, Sector 34C, Chandigarh, 160022
Phone: 0172 266 4600

5) Needle & Thread Boutiques in Chandigarh:

Needle & Thread Boutiques in Chandigarh

The well-designed space is indeed a delight to visit. You will never be done entirely admiring the clothes, as they are so attractive. You shall take a stroll down this beautiful place to purchase some beautiful designer pieces for special occasions. From designer dresses to sarees you will find everything best here. So if you want to take something home, then don’t miss this place.

It is indeed one of the best boutiques in Chandigarh.

Needle & Thread Boutiques in Chandigarh Address:

Address: Needle & Threads, Booth No. 5, Adjacent SBI ATM, Sector 30-C, Chandigarh, 160030
Phone: 082848 12406

6) Firozi Boutique Chandigarh: 

Firozi Boutique Chandigarh

This chic store creates the best design possible. Whether you are shopping for the grand occasion or a simple cocktail party, this playful, classic store is a cache trove of trendy apparel for flirty fashionistas. It sells all king of attires and is one of the most reliable stores in your city. It is the destination for unearthing talented new designers and is one of the most fabulous boutiques in Chandigarh.

Firozi Boutique Chandigarh Address:

Address: 3082, Sector 35 D, Chandigarh, 160022
Phone: 097796 19758

7) Surkh Designer Studio Chandigarh:

Surkh Designer Studio Chandigarh

Is like a guide to some fashionistas. Consistently insightful thoughts and a large studio to provide the best designs. This designer studio covers tons of different designs for any and every occasion. All the apparels are just incredibly designs, which will drop your heart. It produces a variety of options to choose from.

From simple, beautiful suits to bridal lehengas, it presents everything in the store and is one of the Famous Boutiques in Chandigarh.

8) Dulhan Boutique Chandigarh:

Dulhan Boutique Chandigarh

Are you planning to travel places for your Shaadi shopping? Well, No you don’t have to move to Mumbai or Delhi for your Shaadi shopping, as Dulhan boutiques provide it all. This showroom stocked with over 100,000 designer pieces.

It presents the most delightful yet gracious outfits for all the women’s out there. From simple to grand costumes, it gives it all. So whenever to planning to shop for a special occasion make sure Dulhan Boutique tops your list as it is one of the most valuable & Famous Boutiques in Chandigarh.

Dulhan Boutique Chandigarh Address:

Address: SCO 60-62, 1st Floor, Cabin No. 7, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh, 160017
Phone: 098786 76881

9) Sohni Apparel Design Boutique Chandigarh:

Sohni Apparel Design Boutique Chandigarh

All profits from the store’s unique and well-designed clothing. There is a unique outfit for everyone, and you won’t see your outfit trotting around the Chandigarh district on someone else. At this cheerful boutique, you will find sassy styles for yourself. The prices are priced from moderate-to-high-priced original pieces, that you can easily purchase. From simple to chic, this beautiful boutique makes sure to provide as many designs as possible.

So if you are in a great perplexity concerning where to purchase great outfits from, then don’t worry my friend add this place on your list as it is one of the most fabulous & Famous Boutiques in Chandigarh.

Sohni Apparel Design Boutique Chandigarh Address:

Address: SCF 19 Ground Floor, Inner Market, Sector 8B, Sector 8, Chandigarh, 160009
Phone: 0172 466 3700

10) New Look Designer Boutique Chandigarh:

If you are bored of wearing the same old outfit, then the time has come to buy the best apparel which would give you a new look and a fresh look. This boutique is a high fashion version of fashion and trend. From simple kurtas to designer blouses and sarees, you will find everything here. Women can breeze through this cluster of a store without missing the latest trend.

So if you are planning on to wear something classy and different from the crowd, then this is an ideal place for you. You will soon be a trend-setter.

New Look Designer Boutique Chandigarh Address:

Address: Sco 166, 1st Floor, Sector 37C, Sector 37, Chandigarh, 160036
Phone: 095690 61618

So, make sure to get this most stylish look from this boutique as it is one of the greatest and unique Famous Boutiques in Chandigarh.

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