Top 10 The Best Acting Schools In Chandigarh

acting schools in Chandigarh

Acting is one of the most arduous yet exhilarating professions in India. To be a good actor, one has to own unique acting qualities which will make you stand out from the crowd, to be unique in the right way! Acting school indeed helps you take to embrace your hidden talent, and it helps to mole yourself into growing a genius actor. One has to be careful while choosing an acting school as your whole career depends upon the school you want.

Chandigarh is a city of rising stars and has a wide variety of schools to pursue your dreams and fulfill your goals. Listed below are the excellent acting schools in Chandigarh, let’s take a glance-

List of The Best Acting Schools In Chandigarh:

1) Mad Arts By Jaspal Bhatti Mohali:

Mad Arts By Jaspal Bhatti Mohali

One of India’s top film schools is Mad Arts By Jaspal Bhatti. It offers a vast variety of courses like acting, video editing, direction, digital filmmaking. It provides a stable base for the emerging actors to leave a mark in the industry.

Jaspal Bhatti was tremendous, and a foremost actor, and his primary goal were to provide high-grade quality in his school.  So if you are planning to build a successful career in acting, join this school as it is one of the best acting schools in Chandigarh.

Mad Arts By Jaspal Bhatti Mohali Address:

Address: D-189, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160074, India

2) Helen O’Grady International, Punjab Chandigarh:

helen o'grady international punjab chandigarh

To be a successful start, you need to e confident enough to face any challenges and cross hurdles, i.e., they believe that to be a good actor one shall be enthusiastic and optimistic.

It is an innovative educational program, and it is the world’s largest school. They assure that the necessary criteria of the curriculum are owned in all classes, which is quite essential.

If you are confused about the acting schools, then make sure to put this school on the top of your list as it is one of the largest acting schools in Chandigarh.

Helen O’Grady International, Punjab Chandigarh Address:

Address: Plot No 147, Press Site, Industrial Area, Phase 1, Chandigarh, 160002, India

3) Acting, Theater Classes in Chandigarh CIPA:

Acting, Theater Classes in Chandigarh CIPA

They believe that if a child aspires to become an actor, then they should learn and follow the required characteristics of acting. They practice the most up-to-date methods to educate a child about performance which is indeed essential.

To be an actor, it is necessary to be tempestuous, goal-oriented, and most necessary to have patience, and this place tries to school all the qualities in you, and it is known as one of the best acting schools in Chandigarh.

So, if you are planning to join acting and to have a bright future ahead, then no doubt you can rely upon this school, and they will help you realize your dreams.

Acting, Theater Classes in Chandigarh CIPA Address:

Address: Gandhi Samarak Bhawan sector 16 a, Chandigarh, 160036, India

4) Sangeeta’s Acting Studio Mohali:

Sangeeta's Acting Studio Mohali

Sangeeta Gupta believes in to be the right person, you have to fight all the odds again, and you should have the courage to do what you unquestionably love.

Sangeeta’s Acting Studio believes that to be a great actor, acting, expressions, voice, and mind go hand in hand, i.e., acting cannot be the best even if one of the specified attributes are missing. This school tries to school a child with all of these characteristics.

Besides, it is one of the most creative and best acting schools in Chandigarh.

Sangeeta’s Acting Studio Mohali Address:

Address: 12, Old Mohali Rd, Phase 1, Sector 57, Sector 56, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140308, India

5) Morph Academy, Chandigarh:

Morph Academy, Chandigarh

It’s only fair to start the account of the best acting schools in Chandigarh, and that’s Morph Academy. The Morph Academy strives to present the extraordinary caliber of artistic education for gifted musicians, dancers, and actors from throughout the world, so that they may reach their absolute potential as artists, leaders, and global citizens.

The institution swiftly authenticated itself as one of the foremost art schools in the country, and it’s worth exploring. They are dedicated to the idea that acting, at its most significant, is decorative art.

Morph Academy, Chandigarh Address:

Address: SCO 58-59, 2nd Floor, Sector 34A, Chandigarh 160034, India

6) Department of Indian Theatre, Panjab University Chandigarh:

Department of Indian Theatre, Panjab University Chandigarh

The primary aim of the course is to present extensive preparation, both practical and theoretical in multiple phases of theatre. A student is encouraged to cultivate his mind, body, and voice.

The curriculum strives at the entire expansion of the student’s personality. They have been deservedly situated on the list of choicest acting schools in Chandigarh. This school provides an opportunity to develop and smooth their skills as emerging actors, and you can gain substantial experience in acting.

Department of Indian Theatre, Panjab University Chandigarh Address:

Department of Indian Theatre
Panjab University
Sector 14
Chandigarh, U.T. – 160014

7) Chandigarh Art Theater: 

Chandigarh Art Theater

This aching school will open more doors for you, as high as any acting performance can get, which is why they are components of our list of acting schools in Chandigarh.

They believe that acting is an imaginative creation and total mastery of professional craft may only accomplish pure perfection in its practice and they offer striving actors a fruitful ground for expert and individual growth, which is quite essential to be a good actor.

Chandigarh Art Theater Address:

Address: Gandhi Samark Bhawan 16-A, Sector 16 A, Sector 16, Chandigarh, 160015, India

8) Alankar Theatre Group Chandigarh:

Alankar Theatre Group Chandigarh

Another acting institution that is more famous in Chandigarh is a necessary inclusion to our list of best acting schools in Chandigarh. It is known in the industry entirely for its great story and ritual of launching some of the most prosperous careers in theatre, film, and television.

Their purpose is to serve with youth to learn this community and to raise voice against social concerns through theatre. They believe that to be a good human you have to raise your voice against the odds and take a stand.

Alankar Theatre Group Chandigarh Address:

Address: Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, Punjab Kala Bhavan, Behind, Sector 16, Chandigarh, 160016, India

9) Rockstar Academy, Mohali:

Rockstar Academy, Mohali

One of the top schools for dance, acting, aerobics, and yoga. They provide an opportunity to improve and sharpen their abilities as performers, designers, and dancers and develop their gratefulness for these skills as they obtain working experience to seek careers in theater, dance, and design. It has deservedly laid on the list of best acting schools in Chandigarh.

Rockstar Academy, Mohali Address:

Address: The British School, Sector 70, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160071, India

10. Suchetak School Of Acting Mohali:

Suchetak School Of Acting Mohali

The Suchetak School Of Acting is another excellent place for an artist to obtain critical acting foundations. They strive to provide a meticulous and encouraging conservatory-based performance program for skilled young artists who would receive the highest quality reward in acting. It is added to the list of one of the best and most prominent acting schools in Chandigarh.

Suchetak School Of Acting Mohali Address:

Address: SCO-949 Sector 70, Mataur Market, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055, India

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