CSIR Imtech Chandigarh -Institute of Microbial Technology

CSIR Imtech Chandigarh

CSIR Imtech Chandigarh as it attains now, a symbol of an excellent Biotechnology Institute in the country.

CSIR Introduction

Founded in the year 1984, the CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology (Imtech), Chandigarh is one amongst the string of 38 national labs, 6 units and 39 outreach hubs of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research.

IMTECH, Chandigarh was planned to be a front-runner in the cubbyhole realm of microbial biotechnology, the Institute in its beginning years operated from a start-up workroom that rendered a scientifically world-class R&D ambiance in an expanse of over 10,000 sq. ft to its researchers. 
Its permanent campus was completed in September 1989 and this amazing institute moved to obtain an operation field of approximately 47 acres, of which the labs comprised of 22 acres and the living campus limit to 25 acres. This Institute is covering a built-up section of about 3.60 lakh sq. ft.and it is divided into four main buildings, named as, primary R&D block, Fermentation section, Animal House, Workshop, Stocks, and Services area, various service structures including a guest house and Cafeteria. 

Newly another segment coined as the G.N. Ramachandran Protein Centre of about 50,000 sq. ft. the area has been combined, to cater to R&D in all phases of Protein science and engineering.

The Institute’s chief asset is an organized team of more than 55 profoundly motivated scientists, with a majority of them having manifold years of practice in world-renowned laboratories.

CSIR-IMTech’s crew of highly skilled scientists having striking edge R&D specialization in the fields of Cloning & formulation of recombinant/engineered proteids & their scale-up, Knowledge/handling proteins and their engineering, Protein composition measurement through X-ray crystallography, Molecular microbiology of pathogens particularly concerning drug endurance & vaccine development.

Imtech, Chandigarh could lure and assemble a highly motivated and inventive team of specialists who speaks volumes of the ambiance, achievements, and a defined focus that are associated with it.

Research Areas

Assisted by more than 300 thoroughly enlightened professional team and graduate students, these scientists have made strong peer trustworthiness both in basic and application-oriented broad thematic spheres of Molecular biology and microbial eugenics, cell biology and immunology, Protein science and engineering, and Fermentation technology and applied microbiology.

These overarching focus operations expected to enable research facilities, structures, and practices that IMTECH has formulated over the times, appreciated nationally to be the best, and globally at criterion with the best. The Research areas are further trifurcated into the following units.

  • Disease Area Units: CSIR-IMTECH is creating a translational stage for communicable diseases drug discovery and expansion with a specific focus on drug-resistant pathogens. Moreover, CSIR-IMTECH has identified leads for further development as pre-clinical candidates. The lab is paying its attention to Virology as well. It is focussing on the advancement of antiviral therapeutics toward dengue/flaviviruses and investigating Indian virome by applying NGS metagenomics method for more reliable diagnostics.
  • Technology Area Units: IMTECH has established Microbial Type Culture Collection & Gene Bank (MTCC) and its main purposes are as follows:-

(a) To present factual microbial practices to businesses as well as educational and research institutes.

(b) To manifest credentials, freeze-drying and extra microbiology correlated assistance.

(c)Assist with other institutional and CSIR projects/programs.

(d) Discover a compilation of clinically distinctive microorganisms for accumulation and screening purposes.

Societal benefit from MTCC services & its past achievements:- MTCC has been at the forefront in rendering quality services associated with microbiology to its consumers and has maintained a unique place in the country. All research institutions, academic institutes, pharmaceutical, biotech, food businesses involved in microbiology and biotechnology-related business depend on MTCC for their microbial cultures.

MTCC is the certified associate microbial culture provider of the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC). “Certified Reference Microbial Cultures” from MTCC will be advantageous to pharma, food and biotech companies in terms of quality, availability, and cost.

  • Enabling Area Units: CSIR, IMTECH, Chandigarh is working on Screening Platforms, Medicinal Chemistry, Instrumentation & Core Facilities in the fields of Enabling Area Units. IMTECH is giving a deliberate attempt to amplify bio-assay strains, targeting cellular pathways that are a sine qua non for pathogens’ durability and disease establishment in the host. The state-of-the-art barrier-maintained iCARE is planned to administer experiments using rodents, hares, and chicken. The facility has been built with a clean and dirty corridor concept.

Rewards & Recognition earned by CSIR, Imtech

With all the efforts put on by the CSIR, IMTECH, Chandigarh for the welfare of the society and development in microbial technology. It has earned numerous awards in their respective fields. The list of some of them are given below:-

  1. U.P Science Award-2018:- Dr. Javed N Agrewala, Dr. G. P. S. Raghava
  2. National Bioscience Award for Career Development-2018:- Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Dr. Prabhu B. Patil
  3. Jagdish Chandra Bose:- Dr. Javed N Agrewala(2018)
  4. CSIR Technology Award- 2017:- CSIR-Imtech (Laboratory Category)
  5. Bharat Vikas Award-2017:- Dr. Grish Varshney

and many other awards have been bestowed upon the highly skilled scientists of CSIR-Imtech, Chandigarh.

How you can obtain admission to the Ph.D. program in CSIR-Imtech, Chandigarh?

IMTECH is a multidisciplinary institute with world-class research amenities, state of the art computational and library dexterities, and faculty with interests in many different areas of modern biology and biotechnology The primary propulsion areas of the institute are Antibiotic drug discovery, Virology, Microbiome, and Bio-therapeutics.

During this admission, opportunities may be available in the fields which involve are Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Immunology, Protein Science & Engineering, Applied & Environmental Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Medicinal Chemistry & Biochemical Engineering

Eligibility: Candidates with Master’s Degree with a minimum total of 55% marks or equivalent in CGPA in any branch of Life sciences with a special interest in Biology OR B.Tech (in Information Technology/Computer Sciences/ Biological Sciences or other branches with a special interest in Biology) who fulfill the condition for GATE-JRF fellowship are also eligible. 

Selection:- The qualified aspirants will be invited for an interview at IMTECH, Chandigarh. The meeting will be aimed at evaluating the candidate’s knowledge, interpretive analysis, inferential reasoning and tendency for scientific research.

Separate hostel service for fellows and misses on the campus may be administered to the indicated applicants on the application received and as per the availability.

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