CGHS Online Appointment Chandigarh

CGHS Online Appointment

CGHS or Central Government Health Scheme is a health care facility scheme for existing and former employees of the Central Government of India. This facility is limited to some particular areas only.

This Scheme is a special healthcare scheme for government employees. The medical facilities are provided through wellness centers.

Let’s know about the components of the Central Government Health Scheme- CGHS.


  • The dispensary services include domiciliary care.
  • F.W. and M.C.H. services.
  • Hospitalization
  • Facilities of consultations by specialists both at dispensary, hospital, and polyclinic.
  • Examination tests in Laboratory and at another level, including E.C.G. and X-Ray.
  • Health awareness and education to beneficiaries.
  • Organization for fulfilling every requirement like purchase, storage, distribution, and supply of medicines.
  • Let’s focus on the benefits of CGHS.
  • The following people get benefits under this Scheme:
  1. The present working employees of the Central Government and their dependent family members living in CGHS covered areas.
  2. Former as well as existing members of the Indian Parliament.
  3. Former and Lieutenant governors of India.
  4. Former Vice President of India.
  5. Freedom fighters of India.
  6. People are working on railway boards.
  7. Former as well as existing judges of the supreme court and high court of India.
  8. Workers and Pensioners of selected autonomous organizations.
  9. The government has introduced so many best health plans. The best health schemes provided by the Government of India include Ayushman Bharat Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana, Employees State Insurance Scheme, and Janani Suraksha Yojana.

Do you know about the eligibility for Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS)? If not, then let’s go through the same.

  • All the employees of the Central Government who get wages from Central civil estimates are eligible.
  • All dependent family members of Central Government employees who get their wages from Central Civil Estimates and are residents of areas covered under CGHS are eligible.
  • Pensioners and family pensioners of the Central Government.
  • Members of Parliament.
  • Ex-vice presidents.
  • Retired or sitting judges of high courts and the supreme court.
  • Freedom fighters.
  • Journalists accredited with Press Information Bureau.
  • Employees of the railway board.
  • Post and Telegraph Department Employees.

You can claim medical systems under Central Government Health Scheme. CGHS provides health care through various systems of medicines like allopathic, Ayurveda, homeopathic, the Indian system of Medicine, Unani, Yoga, and Sidha.

How to claim CGHS?

You can avail of cashless treatment in Central Government Health Scheme impaneled hospitals in different areas of the country. These hospitals are specially dedicated to treating C.G.H.s beneficiaries during times of emergency. Treatment provided in these impaneled hospitals involves:

  • Investigations before operations.
  • Two consultations before operations and two consultations after the operation.
  • Room charges.
  • Cost of implants.
  • Medicines as per the various package rates issued by CGHS.
  • The package rates for treatment and implants will remain standard as per the rates approved under the Scheme.

You can also apply for reimbursement for treatments undertaken in non-impaneled hospitals and diagnostic centers. You need to submit the claim to your concerned department and the C.M.O. of the CGHS wellness center within a maximum of 6 months from the date of discharge from the hospital.

For reimbursement claims, the beneficiary must submit the relevant proofs and documents, including policy certificate copy, discharge summary, medical bills and receipts, usage of ambulance bills, etc.

You can claim the reimbursement within a maximum of 6 months from the date of discharge from the hospital. Once the document submission is completed, the Wellness center goes through all the documents, verifies all the details, and provides you the reimbursement.

The status of a claim can be viewed in the CGHS computer module with the help of the claim number.

Now let’s discuss the online booking of CGHS in Chandigarh.

The various steps for CGHS Online appointment in Chandigarh include:

  1. First of all, visit CGHS portal
  2. Enter the beneficiary I.D. After that, click on the “generate OTP” icon.
  3. OTP or One Time Password will be sent to your registered mobile number of the beneficiary or to the mobile of the main cardholder (in case that is the only registered number).
  4. Enter the obtained OTP and click on proceed.
  5. All the beneficiary details will be displayed on the screen. If you confirm the details and find all the details satisfactory, click on the “Proceed” icon or otherwise click on “NOT YOU .”In that case, you need to log in again and then proceed.
  6. Afterward, select specialty, Dispensary, or Doctor as per your choice and click on “Proceed .”If you are a beneficiary of this Scheme, you can select a General Duty Medical Officer or a Specialist of any of CGHS Wellness centers for an appointment.
  7. Then you will see a calendar to choose a date that has the availability of an appointment for the selected doctor. You can select a date for an appointment.
  8. When you select the date, slot timings will be shown on the top of the screen. The availability of appointments can also be selected. Select your desired date for the appointment.
  9. Then click on “Proceed to Book Appointment .”One can go back and make changes by using the “change the Speciality” button.
  10. After clicking the “Proceed to Book Appointment” button, all the beneficiary details and appointment details are displayed on the screen for confirmation.
  11. Then click on the “confirm to book an appointment” option. After that, a confirmation status page is displayed.

You can print the confirmation slip or book another appointment. You will also get an SMS to your registered mobile number via the system.

Final lines:

You can get the appointment for GDMO within 72 hours of the date of appointment. Also, an appointment for the specialist can be made within 15 days of the date of appointment.

Keep in mind that online appointments cannot be made for the same day

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