Neural Prolotherapy: An Escalating Advance To Pain Management

Neural Prolotherapy

At some point in life, you might experience a kind of pain which the doctors may find hard to identify the cause of. Some of the possible diagnosis you will get include nerve damage and neuropathy. Noticeably, nerves form the signaling system of your body, by which, they transmit information from the body to the brain and vice versa.

One of the most important signals it sends is the feeling of pain, and if the nerves are ineffective, some problems can escalate. However,  in certain scenarios, the pain might only be stopped through neural prolotherapy, which is a specialized pain treatment method.

Pain Management

This treatment involves an injection of a mixture of dextrose and other sugars to the damaged or painful tissues which reduces nerve inflammation and, in turn, spurs the body to heal naturally. Below are several things you need to know about this treatment method.

Brief History

Neural Prolotherapy is a new advancement in Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine which was started as a result of clinical observations which involved the cure of neurogenic inflammation.

Its history dates back to 1989 and was invented by Dr. Lyftogt who found out that by injecting low concentrations of dextrose around the inflamed nerves, there was a reduction or complete elimination of the inflammation which consequently eased the pain.

The doctor initially called this procedure neuro-prolotherapy but later renamed it to perineural injection. After several tests, the procedure was confirmed to be effective and is sought after as it causes very few, if any, side effects.

Common Causes of Nerve Inflammation

Nerve inflammation does not just occur without a cause. There are some avoidable and unavoidable underlying factors. This includes nerve damage as a result of Vitamin B12 deficiency, nerve overuse or compression, direct trauma, surgery, diabetes, nerve infection, side effects of drug use, and autoimmune disease.

Any of these can shift the nerve from being healthy to becoming inflamed thus sending continuous pain signals to the brain. If you are a victim of any of these conditions, there is a chance that you will experience nerve pain and might require perineural injection.

How Neural Prolotherapy is done

This procedure involves a couple of microinjections that target the area below your skin. The needle used is no thicker than a strand of human hair.

This means you will experience little to no discomfort. These injections are done in areas where the nerves are inflamed and also at the tender points along the path of your nerves.

Once all the tender points have been injected, you will be asked to identify areas where you feel residual pain, and they will be infused as well. Most likely, you will experience significant pain reduction within a few minutes although some injection points might sting a little.

In conclusion, Neural Prolotherapy is an escalating advancement towards pain management. According to the multiple beneficiaries of the procedure, the results are felt a few minutes after the injections are made, and you will rarely experience any side effects.

As such, if you are struggling with chronic and distressing pain, it is imperative to try the injections so you can experience living a pain-free life.

While in Cornell Medical College, Myles Bradley had a close friend who overdosed on prescription opioids. Since then he has dedicated a good portion of his time researching stem cell treatment and speaks out about the benefits of stem cell treatments overusing prescription pain medications.

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