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Elante Mall Chandigarh Brands List For Every Fashion Fanatic!

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Elante Mall has changed the scene of shopping for fashion accessories and clothing in Chandigarh. Since its inception, it has been the one place where all the fashion lovers visit to feed their hunger for shopping from the best brands. Today, we are here with the ultimate Elante mall Chandigarh brands list for every fashion lover. So, let us have a look at those brands –

List of Best Brands Available in Elante Mall Chandigarh

  1. Zara: Elante Mall Chandigarh

Zara Elante

If you are a fashion lover, then Zara showroom in Elante mall Chandigarh must be on top of the list of brands to shop. And, Elante Mall Chandigarh houses one of the largest stores of Zara in the region. From apparel to shoes and all other fashion accessories you can get it all here at this one store.

Zara Elante Chandigarh Contact Number:

Address: 178-178A, Elante Mall, Purv Marg, Industrial And Business Park, Phase 1, Chandigarh, 160002, India
Phone: +91 172 662 2608

  1. Hackett London Elante Mall Chandigarh:

Hackett London

When it comes to formal clothing, Hackett London is the one Elante mall Chandigarh brand that you cannot afford to miss out on. If you have been looking for well-tailored formal suits with the right fit for you, then there is no better place for you to visit.

Hackett London Elante Mall Chandigarh Contact:

Address: Elante Mall, G/F – Shop No G24-25, 178, Industrial Area Phase 1, Chandigarh, 160002, India
Phone: +91 172 432 5888

  1. Da Milano Elante Mall Chandigarh

Da Milano

If leather accessories are your thing, then Da Milano is the place to be. Being one of the most popular Elante Mall Chandigarh brands for leather accessories, Da Milano is a shopper’s paradise. Visit the store to get leather bags, wallets and a lot more.

Da Milano Elante Mall Chandigarh Contact:

Address: 178-178A, Purv Marg, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002, India
Phone: +91 172 462 6969

  1. The Collective Elante Mall Chandigarh

The Collective

If you are in luxury brands like Versace, MK, Gucci and more, then Elante Mall houses the perfect destination for you in the form of the Collective. The one store has got almost all the major fashion brands under one roof so that you don’t have to rush everywhere in the market for the same.

The Collective Elante Mall Chandigarh Contact:

Address: Elante Mall, 178-178A, Purv Marg, Phase 1, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002, India
Phone: +91 172 463 2888

  1. Clinique Elante Mall Chandigarh


When it comes to buying make-up, Elante Mall has got Clinique for you. It is one of the world’s most popular make-up brands especially for people with sensitive skin. If you have been looking for make-up products that are a perfect fit for your skin, then there cannot be a better option.

Clinique Elante Mall Chandigarh Contact:

Address: 178-178A, Purv Marg, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160102, India
Phone: +91 172 662 2623

This completes our list of Elante mall Chandigarh stores. But this is just a small reflection of what you can get at this shopper’s paradise. The list of brands and outlets goes on and on.

Visit the mall for check sale on brands in Elante mall Chandigarh and you will get to experience it yourself!

Did we miss your favorite brand? Do let us know in the comments section.

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