Get Relished With Smaaash Elante Chandigarh

Smaaash elante mall chandigarh

Chandigarh is home to so many recreational games, fitness-related games, virtual games, computer games and so much more. Basically, city beautiful has everything to offer to the people out there, which any other city hardly owns right now. Looking into that area, Chandigarh now has the modernized gaming areas at its place too. So, let us not just keep guessing and simply reveal Smaaash Elante Mall Chandigarh.

Smaaash Elante Chandigarh

Smaaash, as the name suggests, is really one of the smashing recreational games which are only available at Smaaash Elante mall in Chandigarh. Established in the year 2007, Smaaash is one of India’s widely lauded gaming and recreational center for entertainment and so much more. Smaaash has been married to sports activities, music, eating, and virtuality.

It owns an essentially superb entertaining and interactive session experience for the family and friends who come up here. The place has so much to talk about and feel about.

It is unlike any other places in Chandigarh, the most coolest and spacious place to hang out and chill at. Smaaash is owned by the creative man Shripal Morakhia.

The gaming center involves itself in the rounds of sports, sport initiated technology, and proprietary gamification technology which are for example the all-new and different twilight bowling zone, motor racing, the enormously cool go-karting tracks, the bike racing hammers, and what not.  Smaaash bluO is also just a unanimously extreme entertainment system in India.

As it has made the entertaining concept of bowling so much more fun by bestowing the customers and gamers within foods, drinks accompanied by sports there.

Smaaash has reincarnated the game of bowling by making it a total undeniably adventure for the customers. The place is defined with fun, adventure, music, cuisine, drinks and so much more.  While other brands believed in motivating companies to indulge in passive kind of entertainment, it was there then Smaaash introduced its very own active kind of entertainment source.

The motto of the Smaaash Company is providing ‘larger than life” sports to the customers and the country worldwide. The smaaash organization has brought smiles to millions of people by the kind of invention by them. The game also acts as artificial intelligence for the players, as it tests one’s brainy take towards the game. The game undoubtedly comprises of unshaken passion and playfulness.

smaaash elante mall chandigarh

Smaaash is a totally alive entertainment space for people who play there, party there, put up their minds there, and anyhow celebrate there.

This active source of entertainment has had a great journey with so slow and steady growth leading to massive success and happiness in the lives of people which is the biggest merit for the organization of Smaaash. Smaaash stands still alone leaving back other passive forms of entertainment and running enormously at a high rate of the substance.

If you are on a line of boredom and stress, so pull over your work pressure now and start smashing up all the problems with the most entertaining games of the universe which is only at elante mall Chandigarh. Head up now

Smaaash Address:

Located in: Elante Mall
Address: 178A, 3rd Floor, Elante Mall, Ind & Buss Park Plot No 178, Phase 1, Manimajra, Chandigarh, 160002, India

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