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Enliven Skills Best Industrial Training Institute in Chandigarh

Enliven Skills is your ultimate learning center also the best industrial training Institute in Chandigarh for technical expertise. Registered as Enliven Skills India Private Limited, the company aims to offer strategic consulting and technology management services to clients globally.

As a part of their endeavors, the Enliven Skills has come up with technical and non-technical courses, which are designed to train young minds for rewarding careers ahead.

right course in Chandigarh

At Enliven Skills, students get the choice to select a course that utilizes their skills and interests. Additionally, the institute offers counseling and assistance as required, which further helps in sorting the wide range of course choices.

The entire learning process at the institute is a personal one, with smaller batches and live projects, which help students in getting a fair idea of practical jobs. The company also has a placement branch, which helps successful students in finding jobs and positions that fit their knowledge and skills.

Why Enliven Skills?

Technical expertise isn’t just about theoretical concepts. With this basic aspect in mind, Enliven Skills offers courses like Digitial marketing course, Ios App development etc. that are in demand and will offer the scope for growth and employment. Most technical courses are backed by practical projects and assignments, while for non-technical courses, students get to learn real facts that the experts have learned with experience.

Enliven Skills boasts of having a faculty that includes tutors, developers, and experts with years of industry exposure. Students here have free and direct access to their respective tutors, and the whole process of learning is customized so that every student gets the attention and opportunity that they deserve.

No matter whether you are an iOS developer moving to the Android world or someone with no understanding of HTML, Enliven Skills will offer a platform that allows you to explore the subject beyond the books.

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What you can learn?

Enliven Skills offers technical as well as non-technical industrial training courses, which include

  1. Customer Care Executive. Ideal for students who want to be a part of the BPO industry and fetch great packages early in their careers.
  2. Meet & Greet Officer. A role that’s more defined in varied branches of hospitality.
  3. CRM Domestic Voice. A great course for students who want to work in the domestic BPO industry.
  4. Accounts Executive. This course gears up commerce and non-commerce students for accounting roles, where they can choose to work under a chartered accountant or can manage accounts of small businesses on their own.
  5. Retail Trainee Associate. Great course for students who want to be a part of the multimillion retail sector.
  6. Installation Technician. Learn about the hardware, installations, and more that are required for most businesses.
  7. Retail Team leader. Gear up for a career in retail as the team leader, with this highly specialized non-technical course.
  8. Domestic Data Entry Operator. Data entry is one of the in-demand careers at the moment, and this course prepares you for the real job, by offering information and training on tools and methods.

Why Enliven Skills

As discussed earlier, Enliven Skills has a bunch of selected technical courses, which have been designed to meet the needs of the current job market. These include

  1. Dot-Net Master
  2. Introduction to NODE.JS
  3. Learning IT Security & Ethical Hacking
  4. The Art of Networking
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. IOS App Development
  7. Java Training
  8. Python Master
  9. The Art of Software Testing
  10. Cloud Computing Essentials
  11. Web Designing
  12. Introduction to ANGULAR JS
  13. Android App Development
  14. Web Development with PHP
  15. Digital Marketing Course

Placements at Enliven Skills:

There’s no point of paying for industrial training and high-end courses if you cannot find a job with the acquired knowledge and skills. Enliven Skills envisioned an institute, which will offer the best possible assistance and scope for students to grow and prospect. With that in mind, they have launched their own placement cell, though which most students have found their first jobs and gigs.

At Enliven Skills, students have all the support and assistance that they need to use their skills in the practical world. The team of the placement branch constantly keep up with the changing job demands and as required, they partner with companies to offer HR solutions through students who have successfully completed their course.

In short, Enliven Skills ensures that you find a job where your skills get better and are appreciated. Currently, the institute has an astounding record of 85% job placements, and things are only getting better. Students from Enliven Skills have found jobs in known brands like Pantaloons, PVR cinemas, and some of the famed IT firms.

Experience and Classroom Ambience:

Enliven Skills intends to offer a classroom experience that’s not based on intimidation. Students should be able to focus, learn and ask questions in every class, and the learning process is customized, so that every student gets enough scope to do better.

The institute only takes a limited number of students in each class and course, which is their way of keeping a tab on quality. Additionally, they can have access to resources beyond the books and can be a part of the community, where everyone is willing to share and learn.

Get enrolled now!

At Enliven Skills, skills get to shape and dimension, and for that, they have selected everything that the digital world needs right now. The sales associates can handle the tech demands of the retail sector, while iOS and Android developers are well versed with the changing demands for apps.

The founders of the institute had it in mind to nurture a generation that’s capable of finding employment without actually blaming the circumstances and government. With a great placement record and a pool of selected courses, Enliven Skills has already managed to move in that direction.

In Chandigarh, it is now counted as one of the better centers for learning both technical and nontechnical skills. Please refer to their website to find more on Enliven Skills and the courses on offer. They are also accessible by email and phone.

Nurture your talent with Enliven Skills, because the right jobs come to those who are prepared for it!

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