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Best Institutes For Guitar Classes In Panchkula

Guitar has been a piece we all are liking since our childhood it doesn’t matter who you are a child aged from 10-15 a young guy b/w 18-21 or a gentleman 25-40 or rather I would say an old man from 40-60 but your liking of guitar doesn’t change.  As a great man said, “music is a piece that goes into your ears and then straight into your heart”. Along with liking guitar, we all want to have a learning of it but finding a perfect institute is one which the person lacks. so today we have come across a

list of top 5 guitar classes in Panchkula:

1. Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Panchkula 

Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Panchkula 

Looking to learn guitar at its best ??  Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya would be the best option for you established near about 46 years ago this academy has made out a special name when it comes to the field of music has over 40 branches well-established staff and 250 students in just Panchkula branch the academy has made out to be one of the best. Mr. SK Verma the director himself having a 20 years experience in teaching music rather I would like to correct myself by saying quality music and having a knowledge of more than 10 music instruments makes academy rather a great one both for students and staff. This place is renowned for getting one of the best musicians and dancers in the world. you can learn any type of instrument with the experts here but let me tell u one of the matters of facts this is renowned for its guitar crash course that is learning guitar within 46-50 classes. so if u are a music lover this can be called a heaven for you so I would recommend you to visit here once and for remains open from9 am – 7 pm on every business day (mon-sat)

Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya address and contact no -207,sector-9, Panchkula

Call at -08699011144

2. Sangeet Bharti Music Academy, Panchkula

Sangeet Bharti Music Academy, Panchkula

If you are one of that bolywood type fans and loves bollywood music and I would rather say if u want to go into the industry you are at the right place as sangeet bharti music academy is a place made by bollywod lovers for the bollywood lovers the place being ran out by renowned music directors like manuj dev harsh bhardwaj akrsh who has been into the industry since 34 years and have made a special image in the industry I would like to say that it makes your way to bollywood much more clear some of the famous features of the academy are:

Home Tuitions

Nominal charges

So if u are one looking to enter into industry u need to visit this place. It is open from 5-7 (mon-sat)

Adress and contact no for Sangeet Bharti Music Academyy

Industrial area ,sector -15, Panchkula

Call at – 08556022456

3.) Acoustic Music Academy: Sector 19, Panchkula

Acoustic Music Academy

If your budget is a really shorter one but u don’t want to compromise with your study in music I would suggest u acoustic music academy it is a academy which got established just ayear ago but has still managed to compete with others due to its home like enviorment and the tutors to be one of the best at a nominal price the tutor has performed just in a year with great artists like pranav babbar from the famoust mtv luvschool and still along with the academy has been performing in various bars and caffes as when we asked the tutor about it he said a line hich I would like to quote “both teaching and performing is like a drug to me I can live without air but not without them ” some of the features of academy are

-nominal charges

-personal attention

-home like environment

So, if u are a person looking for guitar learning at a nominal price I would recommend u up with this

Adress and contact no of Acoustic Music Academy

#831.huda quarters,sector-19,Panchkula

Call at -8968725025, 9877941748

4. Guitarmonk: Sector 8, Panchkula

Guitarmonk Panchkula

Guitarmonk is a name we all have heard off and it is obvious because having largest chain of guitar schools matters a lot with over 27 centers in 6 cities in India and many more in abroad guitar monk has become a rather famous or I would like to say a brand name in guitar so if u are having a huge budget and want to learn the music in the best way possible guitarmonk will lead u the way in this . so rather I would say it is a place one must visit as a great man once said if u can’t even afford heaven then just see it and try to make one for yourself J

Adress and contact no of Guitarmonk

The British school, sector – 8, Panchkula

Call at -09899755989

5.) The Old Guitar Studio: Sector 21, Budanpur, Panchkula

The Old Guitar Studio

If you are a type of person who requires a good enviornment to have a good learnig then this is a perfect option for you having a nice surrounding this comes up making u powerpacked for a performance and leading u a way above to the music as most of the people say that it along with having an awesome surround also gives an awesome teaching and being me a guitarist I would say “when the wind flows hard the strings of the guitar make their way to produce a rhythm” so if we highlight some features these would be

-awesome surrounding

-awesome teacher

-and creativity unleashed

So I would say you to visit here once in for sure although prices are somewhat high but they are worth it

Adress and contact no. of the Old Guitar Studio

Adress- 881 -8 ,sector-21, budhanpur Panchkula

Call at -09996202020

So this was our list of top 5 guitar academy in Panchkula so if u like it pls give us a thumbs up and leave your queries in the comment section

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