Find Out The Best Aerobic Classes in Chandigarh

Aerobic Classes in Chandigarh

Regular workouts, gym sessions; well, all of this may sound hectic and boring. Many people do not consider doing it due to the tiring and hectic schedules it leads to. So for gaining a perfect body, there is indeed a different and unique workout. Yes, that is true, it is aerobics. Aerobics is something that will tone up one’s body with frill and frolic fun added to it too. So, here you check out below some aerobic classes in Chandigarh which is home to modernized fitness centers and facilities:

List of The The Best Aerobic Classes in Chandigarh:

1.) Leena Mogre’s Fitness Chandigarh:

Leena is a fitness trainer from Mumbai who has established her training sessions in Khar, Mumbai before elasticizing her approach towards other cities as well. The trainer has trained many renowned celebrities in aerobics like Madhuri Dixit, John Abraham, and many other countable actors and actresses.

Located in sector 8-C Chandigarh, the fitness training center has a combined block of high-level aerobics and training for aiming fat loss, building up of muscles, and keeping proper fitness of heart and lungs. Each of the exercises provided by her contains two to three routines in it. The exercise is referred to as circuit training.

Leena Mogre’s Fitness Chandigarh Address:

SCO 62-63, Sector 8-C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh.

2) Aerobics Mania Chandigarh–

Aerobics Mania Chandigarh

the oldest and most popular form of the fitness training center is found by a locality of Chandigarh itself named Vishal Thukral, which is situated in Sector -16 of Chandigarh.

The aerobics center is around seventeen years old and has to lead to make a highly good rapport of Vishal and his works by contributing his life to fitness training and specializing in fields like step and floor aerobics.

The aerobics mania is subsequently considered the best institute so far in Chandigarh for its recognizable amount of crowd for so many years. The center is centered inside the exotic gym only.

4) The Engine Room Chandigarh–

The Engine Room chandigarh

This aerobic class turns the students quite powerful, as the owners suggest converting the power of a person into motion, production, and creativity.

This charisma of art is an energy-producing effect that facilitates the learners to build up their self into the best body they aspire to. Instead of aerobics, the fitness center also gives classes for dance forms like jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, belly dancing, street jazz, Bolly wood, and Bhangra. The aerobic classes are located in sector 8-C of Chandigarh.

5) Gym Cardio Aerobics Chandigarh–

For all the beginners and aerobics lovers, this cardio aerobics gym is the renowned choice. Situated in sector 37-C of Chandigarh, the fitness center helps in brushing up the learners from back to basics and furnishing the skills of the already skeptical learners. Turn your boring day out at the gym into some lively fun with Gym Cardio Aerobics.

6) BodyZone Fitness & Spa Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh

BodyZone Fitness & Spa Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh

Situated in sector 9, near the Grewal eye institute, the Bodyzone fitness club is ethically the most ancient clubs of Chandigarh. It has been here for a decade and has been transformed with every year into an amazingly comfortable place with designed interior architecture, expert faculties, and experienced trainers.

One of the coolest gymnasium in Chandigarh. Other than aerobics, it serves the learners’ with packages of dance forms like Bhangra, hip-hop, belly dancing, and salsa classes. Facilities like Spa and Jacuzzi are supplied to all its learners and customers who are already a part of the fitness club.

BodyZone Fitness & Spa Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh Address:

Address: Madhya Marg, Sector-9C, S.C.O. 180-187, Chandigarh, 160009

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