Rajhans Cinema Panchkula – Before The Multiplex Bandwagon Started!

Rajhans Cinema Panchkula

Not many people remember the old-school charm associated with the good old movie cinemas that used to dominate the entertainment circuit almost a decade ago. There were no malls, no shopping complexes, and no multiplexes. This was the time when the name Cinema Rajhans Panchkula dominated the region. It was and is still today, one of the most loved places to visit with the entire family to watch a movie or cinema in Panchkula.

Rajhans Cinema Panchkula

The brainchild of Desai-Jai Dynasty

Rajhans Cinema comes as part of the Desai-Jain Group that operates all across the country and their ventures are not limited to just entertainment. From Real Estate to Hospitality, Confectionary to Entertainment and E-commerce, they have their presence in diverse sectors in the country.

A chain of more than 50 cinemas

The cinema hall is part of the chain of more than 50 cinemas all across the country and the company intends to open 100 more screens by the end of this year. It won’t be long that people from the entire country would be able to enjoy the charm of this magnificent cinematic experience!

Convenience location, amazing experience!

Rajhans Cinema Contact Number

The cinema is located in Sector 5, Panchkula. The location is near to many amazing eateries, cafes and restaurants making it the perfect place to visit with the family over the weekend. You can enjoy the movie and book your dinner in any of the dining places nearby.

Get ready for an enthralling experience

There is something beautiful associated with the old school charm of cinema halls, which the multiplex screens can never fulfill. Rajhans Cinema, Panchkula brings that old school charm draped in the panache of modernism.

Rajhans Cinema, Panchkula

If you want to have that experience, then book your tickets

Rajhans Cinema Panchkula Contact Number:

Address: Hi-5 mall, Opp. KC Cinema, Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana 134115, India

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