The Great Apollo Circus Panchkula

The Great Apollo Circus Panchkula Steps Up To Spread Smiles on Faces

Whatever we do, wherever we go, we’ll always search for happiness. Arguably, there’s nothing above that. This is what The Great Apollo Circus Panchkula focuses, to bring smiles on your faces. No wonder, the city beautiful has always got something good for us. To keep up our laughter, this circus is what we need to discover the next.

The Great Apollo Circus is something for which the people of Tricity desperately wait. The circus is held in the ground in Housing Board, Manimajra (Panchkula). In the weekdays, you might find two shows for the circus, but on Sunday it can go to three shows, considering that the attendees would be more on Sunday.

The Great Apollo Circus Panchkula

The Great Apollo Circus Timing:

Daily Show 1st Show: 4:00pm

Daily 2nd Show:          7:00pm

What the circus has got for you?

When it comes to entertainment, the Great Apollo Circus is undoubtedly the complete package for us. The focus is more than just money-making; it’s about entertaining the people in the best way possible. The success of the show is complete because of the reason that the various artists of the circus achieved their goal of entertaining the audience.

There are African artists who are professional at Acrobat and Bamboo Balance which can gain anyone’s attention. Along with this, there are daring artists rotating motorcycles in iron made balls, fire dance artists and the shooter artists too. You’ll also observe the girls, swinging in the whole of the circus and performing the best version of gymnastics. When we are talking about the circus, how could we skip the star of the show, Joker, who will make you forget blinking with his amazing mimicry!

After a hectic week at work, you deserve some relaxation and some excitement to charge you up. The Great Apollo Circus can offer you the same, giving you a pleasurable time with everything to entertain you.

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