Why didn’t the much-hyped Mafia Mundeer Members stayed together?

Mafia Mundeer

One of the renowned rap star from India, our own Yo-Yo boy Honey Singh created a band with the name of Mafia Mundeer. In the beginning, the members of Mafia Mundeer were – Honey Singh, BADSHAH, Raftaar, Ikka, And Lil golu.

The fresh talent of that time Alfaaz, J-star also joined the “Mafia Mundeer” which accelerate their career as well. As time passed, it became one of the popular bands at that time.

We’re taking you on a trip down memory lane to revisit the classics that Mafia Mundeer has once delivered. Without any further ado, let’s go right into it.

Mafia Mundeer

Mafia Mundeer Members

  • Gabru – J-star
  • Haye Mera Dil- Honey Singh
  • Glassi -Honey Singh
  • Delhi Ke Deewane- BADSHAH
  • Raftaar -Raftaar & Honey Singh
  • Get up Jawaani- BADSHAH

The band performed last time in 2012. After that, things changed so quickly that we haven’t seen them together not even once. The popularity of Honey Singh became the reason for the fight as all other artists were not able to cash on their talent. The most swagged one amongst them all, And then, BADSHAH & Raftaar demanded the credits of that rap.

Honey Singh, simply declined their offer due to which they parted their ways and created their own group. Now, this was the moment Honey Singh Got wings and straight away, Replied with a Big “NO”.

After Badshah and Raftaar, Mafia Mundeer left with Alfaaz, J-Star along Lil Golu. The other artists also choose their own path as they didn’t support Honey Singh for what he did to the others.

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