List of Night Clubs In Chandigarh Sector 26 That You Should Definitely Check In

Clubs In Chandigarh Sector 26

Our country’s first planned city well-known as Chandigarh is a joint capital of Haryana and Punjab. The whole city is divided into sectors, each of them encompasses schools, resorts, bars, cafes and whatever niceties are desired for a luxurious and buoyant lifestyle. Sector 9, 26 and 35 are well-known to club lovers for spend nightlife in stunning and mesmerizing bars. In the last few years, the nightlife for party lovers in Sector 26 Chandigarh has fully fledged in leaps and bounds. Here is the list of night clubs In Chandigarh Sector 26 you must go to if you’re a party animal.

List of The Top Night Clubs In Chandigarh Sector 26:

1. Culture Brew Exchange:

As quirky as the name might sound, this place is a must-visit if you want to go bar hopping in Chandigarh. This is one of the best night club in chandigarh to have a beautiful evening and the ambience just does the magic trick! The beautiful seating arrangements along with the live music is something that most people are just awestruck with.

However, what is a bar without their drinks and food right? They do have very prompt service and if you pay a visit the starters are to die for! Special mention must be given to the risotto balls which most of their regular visitors seem to rave about!

Along with that, they do have quite a few tantalizing hookah flavours as well that will make your evening much more steamy!

Address: SCO 1, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019

2. The Brew Estate:

If you are a resident at Chandigarh, you would know that Brew Estate is probably the largest brewery in this place. It is a beautiful microbrewery and like most of the other bars, this one is located in sector 26 as well. As the name would suggest, this one is known for its wide variety of beers and hence is something that you have to try. Along with that special mention has to be given to the ambience as well.

If you are planning to take out your special someone on a fun-filled date or even go out with your friends, this one should definitely top the list.

Most of the frequent visitors do mention the premium quality beers like the Belgian wit, Premium Lager as well as the Bavarian Weiss. Along with that, the finger food is also quite impressive. Their sizzlers as well as falafel wraps seem to be the talk of the town and all for the right reasons!

Address: SCO 25, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019

3. 26 Boulevard:

Located in Madhya Marg, Sector 26 this place is a must-visit if you love good music and have an affiliation towards great food. The place boasts of good ambience and that is definitely one of the major issues why the numbers of guests seem to overflow specifically during the weekends.

The beautiful outdoor seating along with the pleasant lightings can make any individual in love with the aura of the place. If you want to celebrate a special occasion, then definitely this place is worth a visit. The Italian dishes are simply wondrous. However, a special mention has to be made about the Tandoor specialities as well.

Address: SCO 21, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019

4. Tao Chandigarh:

This one is a famous spot for all the pub fanatics. They are known for their wide selection of seafood dishes and it is extremely fresh as well as quite affordable when compared to the ambiance and the quality of the service.

If you are looking for a place where you could host a small party, be it a birthday or get together, this one is quite good. One thing that most frequent visitors admire is the DJ. Music is something that can make or break a place especially when it comes to pubs. Tao Chandigarh seems to ace this ground beautifully.

Address: SCO 43, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019

5. Bargain Booze:

Bargain Booze is one of the most premium pav that is located in the Sector 26 of Chandigarh. They are best known for their ambiance as well as the top quality food which seems to be quite a favourite.

The ambience of the place is quite well lit and that is what attracts a lot of crowds be it young or even corporate professionals. Be it the cocktails or even the starters all of the dishes are served in a very unique pattern and the crockery is something that will definitely make your heart skip a beat.

If you are thinking of paying a visit, do not forget to give their sizzlers and pizzas a try. Even if you do not gorge on alcoholic beverages, there are good choices of mocktails as well. The budget of the place is also quite moderate and keeping in mind the quality and the service, one can say that it is worth a visit.

Address: SCO 33, Back Side, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160026

6. Beach N Brew:

Beach and Brew Chandigarh is known for its array of fusion delicacies, Beach N Brew is a very popular club in Chandigarh, Sector 26.

If you love good nightlife then this place is definitely going to be your favourite spot. The place has a beautiful coastal touch and there are quite a few cabanas as well.

The seating arrangement is different from the rest and that is what adds more to the unique base. Be it weekdays or weekends, this place is usually bustling with people and that is great proof of the exemplary service.

Beach and Brew are known for the ambience that they have recreated and if you are missing the beach shacks, this place will make you quench your thirst! The sangria along with finger foods like keema pav sliders or the chicken crostini deserves all the accreditations in the world!

Address: SCO 61, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019

7. The Great Bear Microbrewery:

The Great Beer Microbrewery is a place where Beer Lover must go. Microbrewery’s ambiance is prodigious, outdoor seating is great and encircled by greens. The quality of freshly brewed beer has an unforgettable taste that chucks your tongue.

Address: Sco 32, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160026

8. Ministry Of Bar Exchange – Resto Bar in Chandigarh:

The ambiance of Ministry Of Bar Exchange gives such relaxing vibes. The main thing is other than their hard beverages, soft drinks are pretty good too. This is one of the best places to enjoy nibbles and live harmony.

Address: SCO 41, Sector 26, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh, 160022

9. S Lounge:

S Café & Bar have great cores, really pleasant foodstuff and the best music in urban. It is great to spend your quality time at S Café & Bar enjoying a lot of drinks and music.

Address: S.C.O 7, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160001

10. Cyard:

The most striking feature about this place is the beautiful ambiance that is dim yet really very appealing to the eyes.  If you are looking for a pub which is not too loud yet offers a very cosy atmosphere to the guests, this one is a great option.

If you visit the place during the evenings you might also have the chance to experience great live music. The bands that play are really good and you do not feel bombarded with loud music.

One more thing that the Cyard is well known for is the service. Generally, this is something that many places fail to keep up with pertaining to the crowd, however, they have held up the sanctity with utmost grace.

Not only mocktails or cocktails, but you also get a good array of hookah flavours. If you are looking for a place that is perfect for you to chill in, this is just the right one. The food also is quite impressive and you could easily have a great evening.

Address: PRH3+787, Sector 26A, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019

11. Playground Cafe And Bar:

The one thing that seals the deal for this place is their beautiful entryway. Lined with numerous glass bottles, the Playground Cafe and Bar has been successful in creating a beautiful ambiance.

The seating arrangement has been lined with wooden chess and that is what has brought the rustic ambience more into being. From time to time they also have a Happy hour running and that is perfect if you are looking for economical options with a  great ambience.

This is one of the best parts that is located in Sector 26 of Chandigarh and the service is also quite impressive. They also have live sports screening during the game sessions and hence you could easily choose to chill with your friends with a bottle of chilled beer.

The vintage decor is very beautiful and sets the theme of the place different from the usual ones. You could also have a melodious evening as there are live music sessions held during most evenings. They do have an outdoor seating arrangement as well and depending upon the mood, you could choose to settle.

Address: SCO 48, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019

12. Qizo: 

Qizo is one of those pubs in Chandigarh which has a very royal look attached to it. The premium quality decor along with the ambience is what makes the place so eye-catchy.  Along with the inside seating arrangement, there is outdoor seating as well which is lined with beautiful planted decorations.

This is the perfect ambience for all those who wish to spend some quality time amidst the serenity of nature. Inside the pub there is a beautifully lit dome stage which is just right for all the live performances.

One thing that this place has managed to upheld is the simplicity amongst all the ambience detailing. At no point will you wonder that the ambience is too much or has been overdone. They do have a wide selection of food as well however the pizzas and the momos seem to be hot selling items. 

Most of the guests also acknowledge that the hospitality of this place is wondrous and something that will make them come back again and again. The cocktail and mocktail section is also quite impressive and the number of selections will make you a bit confused as to which one would be a perfect choice.

Address: SCO 43, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019

13. The Finch Chandigarh:

The Finch in Chandigarh is located in one of the hotspots that are Madhya Garg and it is one of the most delectable pubs as well.  The major catch about this place is their finest collection of liquors and that is what makes the place so popular among both young as well as aged crowd.

It is believed that the cocktail techniques they involve are of Michelin quality and hence the experience that you will be presented with is quite impressive. They do have an array of gastronomic surprises and the best part is you will be given quite a live experience.

The choice of menu is an extension and is a bit different from your regular ones. Finch is known for their premium chefs and that is the reason why their culinary section has been under so much of speculation.

However, truth be told they have always come up with flying colours and never failed to take the guests by the awe with their bit of creativity. From time to time The Finch also has a number of events running and those would definitely count as an experience of a lifetime.

Address: SCO 10 Back Lane, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160019


Sector 26 at Chandigarh is one of the best locations as it has an array of premium bars and pubs. If you want to have a gala experience, any of the above-mentioned places would be a great pick.

However, it is advised that you always do a bit of research specifically if you are planning to visit for a special occasion. The genre for each of these pubs is a bit different and hence it is best if you select the one which is in compliance with your taste.

If you want to visit a city with life then you must come to Chandigarh. It is beaming with the hustle and bustle of the city life and that is what makes it so extravagant.

No matter what you are searching for, this city will have an answer to each of them and that too you wouldn’t have to be too perturbed searching for them! The city life is something that makes all of us a little bummed and to get over the feeling of stress we often like to hop into bars. Not only do they make one feel rejuvenated, but the nightlife definitely makes one feel young and extravagant.

Chandigarh too boasts of some of the best bars and the list seems to be quite impressive. Each of these has a unique ambience set and trust me! You will definitely have a great time. Be it with friends or family, most of these bars do have a very quirky and modern addition and that is what makes them so irresistible to pay a visit.

After all, who wouldn’t like to slurp on a few lip-smacking cocktails and take some pictures which are aesthetic enough for your Instagram? The best part about Chandigarh is that it is so well planned that you do not have to go through a tough time to find out the exact locations.

All you need to do is select the one where you want to spend a gala evening and the rest will fall right into the place!

“Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” 
 Ernest Hemingway

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