Top 5 Exotic Places To Visit in Bangkok

Exotic Places To Visit in Bangkok

The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is an incredible, exciting and fascinating city ever to visit. It never goes to sleep, always there are people working all around the clock. You will find yourself here encountering every kind of life, from the luxurious rich to the ultra poor they all clustered in a city. Read the article to know some of the Exotic places to visit in Bangkok.

List of Top 5 Exotic Places To Visit in Bangkok:

1) Visit The Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho:

Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho

A visit to Wat Pho’s Reclining Buddha is one of the prime location for tourists in Bangkok, the Reclining Buddha stands at 15 meters tall and 46 meters long. A must visit spot in your Bangkok Packages. It looks incredible as it is covered with gold. There are 108 bowls inside the temple and you can purchase some coins for the bowls. This status has a great history, Buddha completed 108 positive good actions here and these 108 bowls are the symbol for those good deeds, you can also get some massage while in the temple.

2) The Mesmerizing Beauty of The Grand Palace:

The mesmerizing beauty of the Grand PalaceGrand Palace is the most famous attraction to visit in heart of Bangkok, after Pattaya. You can book from Bangkok Pattaya Honeymoon Packages to feel the beauty of love. The palace represents the love of Thailand for its religion and monarchy. Once the home of the Bangkok’s king, now offers impressive buildings and sacred sites. Though the palace is no longer a royal residence but the inner court remains publicly closed. Day tours with private guides who explain the traditions, art, and architecture of the Palace.

3) Take a Trip Around Chatuchak Market:

Chatuchak MarketIf you are a shopping lover, all you need to check out Chatuchak Market. Give it a wide berth, if you hate shopping. More than 8000 stalls make this the largest markets in the world. It opens every Saturday and Sunday and draws nearly 200,000 visitors in a day, here you can find almost everything for sale at local prices. It is undoubtedly worth picking up a guide to avoid being lost in the market. a perfect place to have a souvenir of the Thailand trip.

4) Chao Phraya River Boat Trip.

Chao Phraya River boat tripBangkok is compared to Venice of Italy ’. Chai Phraya River is the lifeline of Bangkok. Thousands of people still going in ferries to their work, these ferries are also a common mode of transportation for locals. Feel free to explore the city through ferries. There is no road connectivity to some areas, you can reach there by boat only. Enjoy the luxurious Cruise ride in the Chai Phraya River to capture the beauty of Bangkok.

5) The Temple of Dawn Wat Arun:

temple of dawn Wat Arun
The remarkable shape of Wat Arun’s tower is one of the most sacred places in Southeast Asia. It was constructed in the duration of the 19th century in the historical Khmer style, each stupa of the temple is featuring opulent floral pattern carved out in hard porcelain ceramic is providing a spectacular view. Apart from its elegance, the temple is an icon of the new capital and the birth Period of the Rattanakosin after Ayutthaya fell.

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