Chokhi Dhani Panchkula: Some Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Chokhi Dhani Panchkula

Well, if you are a Chandigarhian and looking for some Rajasthani vibes right here at the city beautiful, then Chokhi Dhani Panchkula is the right place. 

  • It is a concept for joining in with the Rajasthani tribes from all around the world. In today’s times, the tourists are completely aware of Rajasthan and the culture, however, some things that are still away from the roots of Rajasthan. 
  • There is only the presence of state of Kings, a place where snake charmers reside and home to the handicrafts industry.
  • Nevertheless, the real Rajasthan is present in villages, art Bani Thani, paintings, cow dung plaster, wall designings, the breezy air, the lit evening performances, enthusiasm, traditions, beautiful dresses, mouthful catering which is also known as “manuhar” and lastly the feelings for it. 
  • At the same place, they are keen on preserving and flourishing an appreciation to the village art and culture, so that the current generation can make way towards the culture more closely to the past of Rajasthan. This could help alter the world’s philosophy and think about the culture of an Indian village. 
  • As an instance, so many people have a thinking that cow dung is a bad thing and is stinky plus contains germs. However, the real truth is that cow dung is highly useful and can control several diseases, as it acts as an antiseptic as well. 
  • There will be no mosquitoes alive longer around it, which is the reason that people living in villages prefer pasting plaster of cow dung on their walls. 

Hopes are that the same would benefit in preserving the culture and traditions of Rajasthan in a well-versed format, and so that people can think differently about the Indian culture of the village. 

About This Place

panchkula chokhi dhani

  • Chokhi Dhani has been built up way away from the noisy area of the city where nature seems distinct and one can enjoy the natural scenic view completely. 
  • The freshness and rejuvenation of the place are best for the visitors as it will serve them with the best every now and then. Not just the freshness, but also the fragrance of the village sand can be taken in a place that is right for the greens of the village. 
  • The location of the place is not actually that far, as it is located on the national highway, which owns a great level of peace.
  • It is a place where one can enjoy a wonderful way with your family and would want to visit again and again. 
  • The place brings in villagers from the villages that are close by, who can provide various services to other people, villagers who are from the tribal area and can perform in an apt way, cooks who are eligible to cook and come from noble palaces, the nawabs plus the artisans from the state of Rajasthan itself. 
  • One of the architects of Chokhi Dhani goes to the closeby villages, palaces and Havelis before the hiring process at the same place. 
  • There is a collection of precious traces from different parts of Rajasthan and the same are also made up distinctively by the authorities so that the visitors can achieve the view of completely unique stuff. 
  • The process took place by us involves the crafting of material that is meant for decoration and amalgamation of the same accompanied by the advanced basic services for the comfort of the visitors. 

Chokhi Dhani Panchkula menu 

  • The kitchen of the place is recognized as Jeeman Ghar where one can relishly experience the flavors of real Rajasthani flavors. 
  • By taking a look at the spirit and enthusiasm of Rajasthan, Chokhi Dhani is the perfect place for experiencing the all-in-one Rajasthani style and culture. 
  • It is a village resort and the name Chokhi Dhani refers to a “fine hamlet” that further implies a quintessential village that flourishes ideal pastoral experience. Far away from modern life the brown mud and mane houses present in the resort can render a total mixture of traditions plus the advanced modernistic facilities in the typical racial environment. 

Some of the Chokhi Dhani Panchkula deals are as below:

  • 20% Cashback up to Rs.60 on min billing of Rs.300. SHOUTBACK20.
  • Rs.100 Cashback for New User on min billing of Rs.200. SHOUTBACK25.
  • 20% Cashback up to Rs.80 on min billing of Rs.500 only on SPA deals. …
  • Smaaash Exclusive“: An additional 20% Cashback up to Rs.75 on a minimum billing of Rs.500.
  • Chokhi Dhani Panchkula charges are Rs. 1200 for two persons and Rs.700 for one person.
  • At this place, one can bestow you with every tribe and vibe of Rajasthan, that one won’t realize that it is the city beautiful itself or the state. The time duration to reach the place is a maximum of two hours and thirty minutes, excluding the traffic scenes. 
  • The location for the place is Amravati Enclave, Pinjore Kalka Urban Complex, Shimla-Kalka Highway NH22, Amravati Enclave, Panchkula, Haryana 133302, where a huge parking lot is available for the visitors. 
  • The contact details are +91-8396074500

Chokhi Dhani Panchkula timings 

The timings for visiting the place is from 5:30 pm in the evening till 11:00 pm. 

The Promoters 

  • The place is mainly promoted by an ANA Group in Panchkula. Amarnath Aggarwal Group is the leader of reliability and rapport for bringing in good quality and values. The achievement story of the group is years old, during the time when Amarnath Aggarwal Construction private limited was established by Sh. Amarnath Aggarwal in the area of Bathings in 1955. 
  • The organization began the style of international living and also international quality infrastructure. 
  • A lot of successful projects are carried by the same as Amravati Enclave, Panchkula apartments, and whatnot. It is a group that is completely aware of its roles and responsibilities which is done by opening up schools, old age homes, clinics, and temples in every area wherever their business is present.

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